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Agyness with Irina, backstage at Burberry Prorsum SS08
I suppose I'm coming a little late to this piece of news, but- does it really matter so much that Agyness Deyn came into this world three years earlier than she let everyone think she had? I may not fancy the black dye job, but I've said it before, the fact that she was older than your average walking toothpick was what made her cool, because you know what? Having lived- for however long- is a good thing.
And to be absolutely honest, the whole bloody issue shouldn't even be an issue at all. Her appeal may be debatable (if one looks at it as part of the whole 'nu-rave'- awful word- package, which I kind of didn't), but honestly, if her ultimate employers- the designers- thought she suited the ideas they had for their work, why should a number affect that?It isn't as if twenty-four is over the hill. Maybe this whole ageism rubbish just has to stop.


Rollergirl said...

Agreed. Although I think the haters are the same people pointing out the fact that her real name is something else. Kind of suggesting she's a phony if she's 'lying' about her name and her age etc. Blah blah, like, who ever CARES?!

WendyB said...

I know, I can't believe anyone cares. But I agree with Rollergirl, it's like the people who keep pointing out her real name (You idiots! Do you think "Cary Grant" and "John Wayne" were anyone's real names?). They're just the typical "jellus h8ers" you find online begrudging people their success. And God, I wish I could be an ancient 24 again!

Teresa said...

Lara Stone is 24 or some ancient age fashionwise, but she's literally in every great fashion magazine I crack open, so I hope age is a nonissue concerning models. The fashion world has enough 16 year old prepubescent ingenues.

Jennifer said...

The burberry collection was so amazing!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I honestly don't understand the fuss, but it makes me uncomfortable when people go on and on extolling the virtues of models who are ridiculously young. Yet the ones who stick most in the public imagination are the girls who found fame only in their twenties or late teens..weird, I find it.
And yes, I liked Burberry :). But then, I generally do..Christopher Bailey is a bit of genius at times.

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