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I know I've been a bit neglectful of the whole fashion week scene, but I'm just too tired to really want to run through endless mouse-clicks, so maybe I should just peg up these observations before it's too late:
1. I really loved Oliver Theyksens's work for Nina Ricci this season. Maybe that's because I see beauty as necessarily a bit of a mess (perfection tends to be a bit up itself, to be absolutely honest. One of the reasons my hairbrush and I will never be friends, ap), and his whole girls-wandering-the-streets after a party thing appealed to me in a major way, not least because I love the description. And the show lived up to it- all floaty, dreamy, lovely things that I coveted on sight, right down to the feathers in the models' hair, and the cloud-bottomed (can't call them anything else) gowns on display at the end which reminded me a fair bit of Rochas circa 2006 (what lovely, lovely clothes they were. Pity P&G owned the firm...)
2. Does anyone else seem to think the models don't look terrifyingly skinny any more? I mean, they're still thin (this is fashion we're talking about, after all), but no one looks ready to drop. I wonder if it's a new trend or something- Karl Lagerfeld apparently sent a few girls back to their agency because he thought they were too thin. The last six words of that sentence...honestly, last year this time I didn't think it was possible to use them truthfully. I'm kind of hoping it sticks.
3. The best part of this post...a link to this. It's well worth reading (which is a not-so-subtle hint to GO READ IT), and I'm quite blown away. If you really need an incentive to follow the link, it involves a Beatle. Though the other party is the one who kind of blows me away....


Yohan said...

Oohj ooh! I liked to that too. Best interview I've read in a while!

Yohan said...

Hmm. excuse the poor spelling.

It should read: Ooh ooh. I linked to that too.

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