On Search Strings

Two days ago, I decided to track this page via Google Analytics. It's quite a lot of fun to see where the people reading (or, in several cases, not reading since the time spent on the site- zero seconds- can't possibly allow for it) come from. What's even more fun is looking at the keywords people use to arrive here via Google.
Here's a sample, not in any order except perhaps how amusing they were:
1. bangs large nose
2. moonface enid blyton costume
3. removing closed toe from fishnet stocking (whoever it was, must've been disappointed)
4. shirt button stay closed
5. weasley twins scent
6. katie leung is skinny (not particularly, I thought)
7. cartoon of meg with long fingernails (could they possibly be referring to Meg from The Apathist?)

And then, well, there's the flat-out weird, which is not amusing at all:
tiny teens in stilettos (I refuse to dwell on it).


WendyB said...

Ha ha! Did you see Bobble Bee's great post on her search terms? I'm always amused by mine too. Yours reminds me of one of mine "Acne jeans tiny shoes." WHAT?!

Yohan said...

Hee hee. I get this in my wordpress dashboard. It's quite bizarre. I get lolcat searches a lot. And searches for Led Zeppelin posters, for some reason.

Perakath said...

I like "shirt button stay closed." :D

alexgirl said...

I did that once too, and was surprised to find that most people got to my blog through "Shia LeBeouf". I've mentioned him once or twice, but seriously? I got the *most* hits through his name? Crazy.

Teresa said...

I just signed up for google analytics and it's amazing; I get a lot of sexual-keyword-searches because of my blog name (fashion ORGASM) so it's no surprise I get keywords like "orgasm with clothes", "sex orgasm burrito", "open close orgasm". People have such strange fetishes these days.

discothequechic said...

ha, how funny!

weasely twin scent? I daren't ask!

I love google analytics though, it's the ultimate time to timewaste aside from blogger. hooorahhh

Juliet said...

thanks for the comment !

juliet xxx

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Wendy: I hadn't seen the post before this, but now I have. There seem to be quite a few search string posts doing the rounds these days, must be something in the air..
Yohan: at least you'd mentioned Led Zepplein in the music posts, a fair few times too.
Alex: I seem to have got a fair few hits off arty-sounding searches...heaven knows why.
Teresa: your dashboard must be quite interesting, given the name of your blog..and I suppose I'm asking for it if I've got the word stilettos in the header.
discothequechic: I know, I found that search string funny too. Someone must be an even bigger Weasley fangirl than me..
Juliet: it was my pleasure, and you're welcome :)

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