Of Girl Crushes (Or One, Anyway)

I've never quite been able to figure out what about the French makes their women as stylish as they are (I know the Facehunter upped and moved to London because he thought Paris was too hidebound* when it came to getting dressed, but it's still a lot less rigid than New York appears to be). It-girls irritate me- it might sound weird, but I really can't be a fan of someone's dress sense if I don't think much of what they do for an actual job (that means talentless actresses with a good stylist are never going to find a fan in me- I'm a rotten snob that way). And a Harry Potter movie is hardly the place I'd expect to pick up a new girl crush(the books gave me an imaginary one- Tonks), but Clémence Poésy has been something of one ever since I first watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- and didn't realise till I was out of the theatre that she hadn't actually spoken a word till Harry pulled her sister out of the lake. And I've been looking on in what is effectively open-mouthed fascination since then.
I suppose the best part about the way she wears things is the sheer coolness of it all, which probably comes from actually walking around the city (she got Facehuntered last August on the Avenue Marceau- picture above), as opposed to getting dressed up to walk a rat-sized dog for US Weekly. I'm all for trying, and having fun with the clothes, but there's a lot to be said for the point of not looking like you are actually thinking about your clothes once you've got them on- I loved the fact that her boots got a little dusty, and the scarf got uneven-ended, and everything just went a little all over the place but just held together at the same time, and she nearly always looks as if there may be a book- like an actual, readable, non-trashy book- in her bag, which she may pull out when she gets bored. And I realised, I am rambling. I should stop.
*incidentally- how come we don't hear much about street style in other parts of the country?
picture credits: fashion insanity and facehunter.


Iheartfashion said...

I've got the same girl-crush. She always looks effortlessly cool.

Allure said...

^I couldn't agree more. She doesn't try too hard, and that's why she manages to look cool and chic at the same time.

alexgirl said...

She is so adorable! Well, more stunning than adorable. The French exude style, don't they?

Avenue George said...

I love her too. I have also posted something about her on my blog this week- check it out!


Since I started blogging, she has always been favourite lady.

Cool blog ;)

Avenue George said...
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Rollergirl said...

Oh i love her and I haven't even seen Harry potter! Re Indian Vogue - mine just arrived in the post from India! Will compare notes later...

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I've been a fangirl since she was cast as Fleur, but it was actually her outfits at the premieres that blew me away.
rollergirl: that'd be cool, though I admit I get a little peeved looking at the text in mine.

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