Another Ad I Love

Yohji Yamamoto, AW 1998-99
Photographer: Nick Knight
Model: Susie Bick

Images like these make me wish Yohji could put out more ads for his main line, (yes, despite last year's bankruptcy) and not just Y-3. The PC police will probably go nuts about the cigarette, but the smoke swirls and louche, slouchy pose turn the starkness and elegance of the clothes into a combination that is nothing short of amazing to look at- not just a magazine advert for clothes.


R.I.P. Corinne Day (1962-2010)

I've just read the incredibly sad news that Corinne Day has passed away after a long struggle with brain cancer. As a longtime fan whose fashion sensibilities owe a lot to her images and the radical revision of the concept of beauty they brought about in the 90s, I can only say she will be immensely missed- it's even sadder considering she died so young.

image: fromDazedDigital

New Favourites

After a month of careful consideration to think it over, I'm pretty solid on the fact that this is indeed my new favourite image from the AW2010-11 ad campaigns (I mean, it's Zidane*. Modelling for a collection designed by Yohji- as if I needed more reasons to love Y-3).
And I must say, I rather enjoy the layering and the fact that the model- I still want to giggle a bit at that- is a slightly older man, even if he happens to be a celebrity.

*my first-ever football hero, 2006 World Cup final headbutt notwithstanding

image from kickette.com

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