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A Dreamer tagged me a clear two weeks ago, but a combination of travel, Internet deprivation and laziness prevented me from actually doing the tag till just now...so here goes, if anyone actually wants to know(and sorry for the delay!).

4 things I did today:
1. Trimmed my fringe.
2. Ate three cough drops and an orange (and other things, but the first three were an attempt to cure my cough/cold).
3. Realised I haven't worn a skirt in almost a week (v. unusual for me)
4. Stared at my bookshelf for half an hour before choosing one of my roommate's books to curl up with.

4 things on my to-do list:
1. Clean room
2. Get laptop cleaned of viruses.
3. Look for my dictionary.
4. Stop feeling like a tubercular corpse-to-be.

4 guiltiest pleasures:
1. My seamed black fishnet tights (they're not quite the slutwear they sound like).
2. Living out of a suitcase.
3. Livejournal.
4. Storing old text messages from people I'm particularly fond of, and opening them to read when I feel like it.

4 random facts about me:
1. I have a rotten memory for names, but an excellent one for birthdays (sometimes leading to situations like me realising that today is someone's birthday...but not knowing just whose birthday it is).
2. I've lost approximately one pair of (fat,black) glasses a year since I was sixteen. Last week, I managed to lose Pair No. 8 (or was it 9?) within three days of delivery- a new record, even for me.
3. I hate being photographed. Hate it.
4. One of my DIY skirt projects (pink, brocade) has been lying unfinished since APRIL. Oh, the shame...
I now tag (only if you want to do it, please)


Spot The Resemblance, Yet Again.

Hair and makeup at Christian Dior SS09 (boring rich-girl clothes, awesome hair+makeup)
Yuuko, the Witch of Dimensions in xxxHolic, Volume 4.

This isn't the first time I've thought it, but if CLAMP ever took to offering styling services/designing clothes for real girls and not just manga ones, I'd probably be first in line among the screaming fangirls to get them. I love me a nice wardrobe... even a two-dimensional one.


Adams Extraordinaire

Obesity Can Kill / L'obésité tue
Balloons/Les Ballons
Steve Adams's work is something I've been a fan of for a while (the picture in this post is one of his), and it's a bit hard not to be a fan, to be honest- the appeal of his work lies in the fact that his pretty, gritty artwork isn't just lovely to look at, it's also more often than not bitingly clever (I think I can safely say no one who's picked up a newspaper in the last three weeks will fail to appreciate it). Which isn't surprising, considering that the publications he's contributed to include the Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business Review...do check out more of his work at his site, it's well worth a look.

Government Generosity/Générosité gouvernementale?
What's Hiding Behind That Smile?/Que cache ce sourire?

Running for Coverage/À couvert!
All pictures from adamsillustration.com

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