Not Strictly Fashion-Related

But since the blog is one of my pet reads (if you haven't been to it before, go now! Honestly!), I'm quite curious to see how the book turned out. Petite Anglaise is an incredibly engaging read even on her own bad (experience-wise, not writing-wise) days, and I want to see exactly how similar the book and the blog are. I have no doubt it'll be good- I suppose most people who've read her blog know the outline of her story (a very interesting one, I don't care to put a potted version in this space since it won't work without spoilers), and the cover (both US and UK- the UK one is the one in the picture above) looks really pretty, which make me want to buy it quite badly (that you can do via Amazon, here -it's also where the cover image came from). And until it does turn up, I may as well keep myself happy by leafing through the Petite Anglaise archives.


WendyB said...

I'm going to check out the blog right now!

Meg said...

I used to read that blog! But then I stopped for a while and I couldn't get back into it. If my life was that interesting, I probably wouldn't have a blog.

Re: The novel Andy was a whiner, I couldn't stand her either.

blushing apples said...

never heard of it, but so glad to know about it now :o)

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