Going Batty

After a fashion, is what I am. Being at my parents' house, with a badly behaved computer that refuses to upload the images I snapped from Vogue India's first issue (it attempted to electrocute me the last time I tried), a festival that makes it a pain in the arse to be out on the streets at most times of the day, and parental units who are liable to lecture me, has rendered the old self
a) housebound and
b) extremely bad-tempered, and also
c) incapable of really posting things that make sense, other than the random observation- doesn't the Corpse Bride's wedding dress, in all its tatters, look a bit like it could have belonged to Miss Havisham?


Yohan said...

How did your computer nearly electrocute you?

[You're right about the Miss Havisham thing. I still haven't seen Corpse Bride though.]

Perakath said...

Don't you think of your parents' house as 'home?'

Young Thos. said...

Note the use of the term "parents' house".

And no, I don't think it could have belonged to Miss Havisham - she didn't strike me as being such a fan of non-existent necklines.

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