The Models Are Coming!*

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...at least, I hope so. The news of the modelblitz of US Vogue's May cover might be old hat, but they're so much more fun to read about than the people who usually go on the cover. And besides, which of those whiny Zoebots would ever come out with anything in the league of the following line:
"In Rrrrussia, vee have proverb: Only bad soldiers don't vant to be general."
(so says Sasha Pivovarova on the topic of whether or not she wants to be a supermodel. The young lady will henceforth referred to, eurobrat-style, as Piv because her name is just too long and I'm afraid I'll lose a couple of syllables somewhere if I try typing all of it). It isn't often that I actually want to cheer on the subject of a magazine interview, but I just had to grin when I read this. The alien models are all beauties in their own right, but Piv somehow stands out even despite the fact that she's the dead spit of Gemma Ward. Also, I can't think of too many other models who would look as hot with a moustache (she was pretending to be John Galliano for a French Vogue photoshoot).
Nor, for that matter, can I think of too many girls who would look as good with their hair chopped off as Agyness Deyn does. I'd never seen nor heard of the girl till the time the ads for the first lot of cheeky-rude House of Holland t-shirts started popping up all over the place (she's wearing one from the second lot in the photograph), but she certainly is eye-catching. In some ways it seems to be the Irina effect all over again: girl with massively cool personal style and highly distinctive hair (though Agyness's is the polar opposite of Irina's- cropped and blonde vs. shaggy and dark-fringed) makes it big thanks to single job from fashion world friend (Kate Moss in Irina's case and Henry Holland in Agyness's- they used to be flatmates, though the latter pair more or less made it together). Admittedly, neither Irina nor Agyness would've gotten anywhere at all if they hadn't had what it took in the first place- amazing bone structure being just part of that, along with the fact that they and Piv are all something more than just pretty- I used to think the phrase "personality matters" was just that- something people said to convince themselves that there was some level of brainpower involved in their job, but looking at these three, it somehow seems true. They seem interesting, especially Irina and Agyness**. And that's something new to me as far as models go. Maybe it's because they've lived a little longer than the others, and have interests other than fashion- Irina, I will get over her I promise, was once the Babyshambles drummer and Agyness deejays at clubs or used to- and I can't say exactly how, but they do bring something of that experience and attitude to their work as models. The old je ne sais quoi (I'm sorry if it's getting old), it must be. And Agyness reminds me a vague bit of Debbie Harry- never a bad thing I say. Now if only they'd give us the odd model on the cover now and then, I'd adore seeing any of the covergirls. Also Behati Prinsloo, Irina, Lily Cole and Freja Beha- who needs Renee Zellweger on a cover anyway?
*The post title is my poor attempt at a spoof of a Biggles story with the title The Camels Are Coming. Doesn't have the same ring, but I honestly can't think of anything better.
who, despite her Scandinavian-sounding name, is apparently from the same place as Oasis.


Perakath said...

Biggles rocks!

"Very good, Algy," returned Biggles smartly. He often returns things, quite the Brit.

The models are quite the sexy. The second one is quite stunning, although she could look a little manly...

I didn't quite get what you meant about the May US Vogue cover. It has these two on it?

Iheartfashion said...

Great post! Yes, a vacant-eyed stare can only take you so far. Personality certainly counts for something, hence Kate Moss's continued dominance of the supermodel gang.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Yes, they're both on the cover- maybe cause US Vogue wants to cram all the models it could have used on its covers for ten months of the year, into a single cover so it can go back to putting actresses on the cover again.

Emma said...

excellent blog.
you're right, i could actually see myself holding a conversation with irina and agyness without them falling down in a drunken stupor or something.

Meg said...

Irina is on my hearts list. Agy is not...Neither is Mr. Holland. Shame about Irina's stumble with the Shamblers, they are rubbish, however she looks effortlessly stylish while Agy just looks like she's stolen a piece of clothing from everyone at a Cobrasnake party, and then worn it...at the same time. She probably has good taste in music though, I'll give her that.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

What's this about Irina and the Shamblers? Never heard about it..
I have to confess, if I had to pick one of the two to look like, I'd lick Irina- but that lanky boy look of Agyness's is quite cool too. Sometimes it's just nice to get a break from all the uber-girly faces around..

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Oh, and Emma- thanks!

Meg said...

Re: Sienna will never be off my Disliked list, she has no class or style IMO, but you're rightm, the hair was a tad bit better.
We call Babyshambles the Shamblers/the Shambles because they are not very good. Somewhat glad that Irina was taken away from them.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Nice that's cleared up :)
I quite liked The Libertines when they were up and running- and Babyshambles just can't seem to hold on to its drummers, at last count they were on their third (I think Irina was the second).

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