When Odd Resemblances Strike

Frilled Lizard, on a rock somewhere wearing its own skin
Jourdan Dunn, on the cover of POP wearing Prada.

Of course, one could also say the headdress on the cover looks a tiny bit like a Queen Amidala costume, but the lizard was what first came to mind for me.


Foot Fetishist, Stop Emailing Me Please

I apologise to everyone else for not updating in so long (things have been a bit busy this end), but opening up the blog's inbox for the first time in three weeks led me straight to this gem:
hi, id love to hear more about your stocking feet sometime
I'm well aware that a clear twenty-five percent of the Google searches that lead people here come from the words 'stocking tops', 'stockings' or some permutation thereof, but this is the second time I've been hit up with a query like this, and by the same person too, so please will some kind blogger let me know if you've also been getting messages like this (which will lead me to put it down to spam waves) or if it's just me being a freak magnet in cyberspace? Either way, the stupidity is really quite funny.

Thank you all very much

Blue Floppy Hat


Comme Again..

So, pictures of the Comme des Garçons for H&M line are out (they have been for a while, plus there's an interview with Rei Kawakubo in this month's issue of W), and I must say, it doesn't look bad at all- and it most definitely does look more Comme-ish than anything in the LV collaboration. The pictures below probably make the clothes look less than spectacular, and there is the odd item that does look more H&M than Comme (e.g. button-down shirts and a trenchcoat, (though the polka-dot shirts remind me ever so slightly of Comme's AW08 collection), it still has a fairly recognisable influence of Rei Kawakubo about it. And truth be told, a lot of potentially-interesting details don't seem to be too clear in the pics below- is that a hint of deconstruction I see on what looks like a skirt in Picture #3 below?- though methinks the drop-crotch shorts and side-fastened jacket in the pic above and white shirts with sleeve detailing in Picture #2 below, the zippered jacket in Picture #3, and the tailed tuxedo-style jacket in Picture #4, and last but not least, the frilly Goth Loli-style dress in Picture #1, just below, would make for intriguing additions to most wardrobes (though the last is a matter of my personal taste, and everyone might not agree).
It's a pity there's no H&M in this country- I'd have loved to see the clothes up close, and the line is set to be carried only in a few stores (reportedly at a higher price point than previous tie-up collections, and, unlike what was reported in April, it doesn't feature children's clothing since the designer shot that idea down)- but as a collaboration between one of the most left-of-centre designers I've ever known of and a brand like H&M, it certainly is an achievement.


Somewhat Wide Of The Mark

Is about the only way I can describe the Comme des Garcons collaboration with Louis Vuitton. I hate to open this month's posting with a grumble, but these bags are beyond me- and by that, I don't mean beyond my budget, I mean beyond my understanding. According to nitro:licious and everywhere else, the collection was supposed to be inspired by Rei Kawakubo's memories of 1978, when Louis Vuitton first got to Japan, and the general giddy feeling of having a great store nearby (at least that's the way I interpret it- the last bit, I mean).
To be absolutely truthful, the problem with the Comme-LV collaboration is that there's simply too much LV to it, and not nearly enough Comme (case in point: Bag 1, below. The handles are Comme-ish, but nothing about the rest of the bag is. They're cool handles, handles I wouldn't mind seeing on a bag that is fit to have them, but handles alone do not a good bag make). The bags aren't all heinous as far as shape goes, and I'm sure they'll be very well made, but I can't help thinking it could have been so much cooler without the logo OD (and I admit to being biased against logos, but this really is a bit too much IMO). All in all, to put it bluntly, it's hideous. And not even hideous in a Comme way (which is really the letdown, and more of a letdown because Rei Kawakubo- as I never tire of saying- is one of my fashion heroes). But I'm still optimistic about the H&M collaboration...

Images from nitro:licious.
PS: all comments on the last two posts will be answered tomorrow. I'm sorry to be slack about this, but I am tired..

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