Flower Power

(top to bottom: Balenciaga SS 08, Prada SS08, Dolce & Gabbana SS08)
Excuse the corny post title, but there do seem to be a lot of floral prints or motifs coming off the runways of the four major fashion capitals (and some florals literally on the runway- look at Balenciaga's). That, and some very cool graphics. And some of this season's shows (particularly Dolce & Gabbana, which I always associated with nice clothes that looked a bit too obviously sexy on the runway), are a real joy to look at- I'm still drooling over their big, poofy flower-painted (it looks like it, anyway) dresses, they'd be among the ultimate dress-up dresses that actually have a shot at not wearing you, provided you don't feel bad about potentially ruining such beautiful things via actions as mundane as, say, dropping food down them. And Balenciaga baically topped itself for coolness, though not quite to the levels of AW 07-08- I mean, florals that aren't pretty-pretty and floaty? This collection, to me, looks a bit like things Judy Jetson might wear if she were visiting her grandmother.


Perakath said...

Judy Jetson? I haven't thought of her in years!

blushing apples said...

love the florals!

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