An Appeal To The Blogging Public

The IHT says, apparently Indian fashion/streetstyle (can't exactly tell which ones they're talking about, get to the end of the article) blogs exist. I ask, where are they? Anything that doesn't talk about how to knock off Bollywood looks, that is. And if they're talking about streetstyle (which really isn't too great except in the north-east and assorted hill stations..or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places), I seriously want a look.
But back to my original question: where are the Indian fashion blogs? We have a population of over a billion, a whole pile of young people and fashion professionals with access to the Internet- I looked, and I haven't been able to see so much as a peep out of anyone in the blogosphere. If anyone knows of fashion blogs you like which are written by people living in India, please do leave the link in my commentbox.


Rollergirl said...

Yes, I wanna know too!

Perakath said...

Doesn't yours count? I have to say though, I find it quite hard to read. You need more paragraph breaks.

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