I actually didn't believe my eyes last night, when I read the news that Rei Kawakubo (she of whom I am an eternal fangirl) was actually doing a diffusion range for H&M, which more or less covers everything possible for any collection- from menswear down to perfume*- and I know none of it is ever going to find its way to where I am (off-topic rant: why on earth does shopping for non-ethnic clothes that won't break the bank, always suck? Screw BRIC and the 'emerging markets' faff, just give me something decent to buy, dammit!), but it's still fairly thrilling nevertheless- I mean, expecting avant-gardeism of the kind so often seen on the Comme runways isn't rational, but I'd love to see a few things in the line of the 'Play' t-shirts (last picture). And it's not as if it can't work, I'm actually pretty optimistic..so leaving off with some pictures might just be the way to go..
I'm also sorry for not having posted for several days...but things are mad here.
EDIT: I've just been told I don't really have tomorrow off, after all. I do feel so gypped, particularly considering the fact that my lunch plans (involving a really good friend I haven't seen for nearly eight months now) will have to go in the bin.

*it's only the last one that gives me pause.
pictures from nytimes


enc said...

Rei Kawakubo, always incredible.

Stephie said...

100% excited about this as well, and I have missed your posts! Has to be that you're too busy with the internship, no?

Iheartfashion said...

Can't wait to see this.

susie_bubble said...

I will cry if it is of the Play/Tricot/Shirt ilk....

Blue Floppy Hat said...

ENC: I agree with you..
Stephie: It's gotten to a point where, forget posting, I don't have the time to comment on blogs. I swear, when I start working, the first thing I'm going top do is get an interpipe connection at home..and nice to know someone misses my drivel!
Iheartfashion: I'm wondering what it'll be like too..
Susie: Having it all be in the Play etc. vein would defeat the point of it being Comme, IMO. But I did like the Play line, and in a way it represents a 'safe' option for what part of the collection could be like..still looking forward more to the Comme-ish stuff of the first two pics though... hopefully this'll be better than the Speedo line (which was kind of constrained by the fact that it was Speedo, and swimwear).

yumiko said...

it kills me that i have to move to italy in july when the first h&m shop in japan is opening in november... :[[
will live through it though

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Hey, Italy isn't too shabby a place to go either :)

riz said...

Rei K is my hero. I have extremely high hopes for this!!

evie said...

i'm excited about this too although if the collection comes up well enough i will just have to cry myself to sleep every night since there's no h&m here in kl!

Soul Tanggg said...

i want that CDG shirt so bad!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Riz: I think she's savvy enough not to be defeated by the limitations she's bound to be working under, which is why I'm excited.
Evie: You and me both...no H&M in India either..
Soul Tanggg: I've loved it for years now, and wouldn't mind owning it- though I don't want the whole collection to look like it, heh..

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