The Trivial Six

Lovely LLG has tagged me with the task of revealing six unimportant things about myself, so here we go..

1. I've never gotten over the fact that Hershey's stopped making square Jolly Rancher lollipops. The round ones don't nestle as comfortably against my tongue, and pink lemonade (my favourite flavour) doesn't taste nearly as good any more..
2. I hate the taste of milk.
3. I've never worn braces (the kind that go on teeth, I mean).
4. My bookshelves at college are overflowing, but that doesn't stop me buying more books (and magazines- even six of those in a stack are fairly heavy)..
5. I love lemons, and most things that smell/taste of them.
6. Seahorses, IMO, are the prettiest animals on earth.

image of lemons from betterhealthnaturally.wordpress.com


Perakath said...

I always get confused between limes and lemons. Melons I can generally remember.

Y said...

Lactose intolerant by choice eh? Murthy is like that. What about milkshakes ... and dairy products?

@Perakath: I don't think we get lemons in India. Never seen them at any rate.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Not lactose intolerant...just don't like milk. Milk products I can handle, but the raw material smells disgusting to me.
As for lemons, I remember there being lemon trees in the garden of one of the houses where I lived as a kid. Same shape as these and all.

enc said...

I don't like the taste of milk, either. It's only good for washing down chocolate cake, or chocolate-chip cookies, I think.

I liked this post. :D

susie_bubble said...

Milk makes me yak too....can't even eat it on cereal...

Y said...

Yeah it seems I just never saw lemons. Weird. People tell me they grew there.

Meg said...

I can eat lemons alone, that is how much I love them...it drives my dentist sister crazy and her two most often said words to me seem to be "acid erosion".

ambika said...

Have you seen sea dragons? They had 3 or 4 at our local aquarium and I think I was entranced just looking at them. So pretty.

Libertygirl said...

Milk. Yeurch. I'll cook with it, love yoghurt & cream, but drink it neat. NO WAY! And hot milk! And on creal or in tea/coffee? NO! Kill me now. LLGxx

yumiko said...

ugh--- i hate milk too :[[
i use to force myself to drink it all the time so i'd grow taller from my 149 cm but the other day i realized my height had actually shrunk to a 148.7cm... disgusted, i stopped drinking milk

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Wow, seems like I'm not alone in being a milk-hater! I can just about tolerate the stuff (not too much of it though) if it's been smothered in coffee, tea or chocolate (still can't drink the last if it tastes too milky), but I still got forced to drink it anyway until I realised I'd reached full height (which was when I put my foot down).

Meg: My parents, if anything, encouraged my lemon habit- they see it as me ingesting Vitamin C.
Ambika: No, I'd never seen a sea dragon. But they do look so pretty..

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