Just A Little Personal..And Maybe Political Too

I know I keep saying this to the point where it gets nauseating, but being crazily busy and not having a functional Internet connection at home is really not good for the update status of this blog- forget posting, I can't even comment on other blogs at the usual rate (which makes one feel a bit like a kid being given sweets and told not to take off the wrappers), and it's more than a little frustrating when my brain refuses to go into 'compose post' mode even when I do have a folder full of Fashion Week (Lakme India Fashion Week, this time around) pictures sitting in My Pictures (incidentally, why is it so difficult to find pictures of entire collections online? Or anywhere? I've caught the occasional video and bits and pieces off the news, but the only site that seems to have got proper sets of pictures requires a paid subscription at $2 a week, which might be handy for an actual fashion journalist but doesn't help a girl like me.. (though I must say, Sabyasachi and Kiran Uttam Ghosh's collections do look excellent, which wasn't unexpected at all. I'll put up a review...when my head is clear enough to think out a post, that is).
The real-world news has also been a bit of a preoccupation of late, not least because strange things have happened not too far away from where I am, beginning with Tibetan protesters storming the Chinese embassy in New Delhi around three weeks ago (actually, with riots in Tibet before that), to the Olympic flame getting put out in Paris the day before yesterday (though a lot of people seem to think protesters have no business being around anything to do with the Olympics, IMHO it'd be hypocritical if they've banged on and on about human rights and how important they are to Olympic ideals and then effectively told the protesters to shut up about violations of those very human rights. And as for the Chinese government's response to the entire issue, I'll only say this much: calling the Dalai Lama, of all people, a 'terrorist jackal' is not exactly reasonable).
On a side note, a pickaxe needs to be taken to the head of the idiot in the cubicle next to mine, who thinks it's a good idea to entertain himself by blasting some godawful Bollywood remix off his phone while I draft documents (Bollywood and the travesties it calls 'music' are, IMO, the scourge of modern-day India. And let me not even get into the frequent stupidity and misogyny of the films themselves, or how utterly repellent the idea that it represents Indian cinema in its entirety is).
I just realised, I've rambled like nobody's business, and am risking being called a few names for the subject matter of the last two paragraphs. This isn't a substitute space for Nonsense on Stilts, my old (and boringly personal) blog, but right now I am too tired to care. Besides, who says a girl who likes clothes can't have an opinion on things that aren't fashion/pop culture-related?


susie_bubble said...

A rambling of sorts that makes perfect sense....
Playing music off mobile phones is the biggest pet peeve of mine....

Stephie said...

of course you can have an opinion - fashion bloggers aren't one dimensional! In fact I think fashion bloggers are normal people with a whole lot of opinions, except perhaps with more interesting clothing (:

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Susie: I think a lot of my pet peeves are related to mobiles too..
Stephie: I'd hardly say I have interesting clothing, but thanks anyway (and with all the potential that fashion has to be political, I reckon it's not so strange to ramble on once in a while).

Perakath said...

Aw we love whatever you dish up, BFH.

headmistress said...

Bollywood remixes are so brainsmashingly annoying. Most days I am guaranteed to be treated to the floorthumping strains of some hyperactive Himesh nonsense blaring from the stereos of some tincan stuck in traffic outside. I don't even live in a very asian area. gah!

Meg said...

I dig your off-topic posts. Keep on writing them! (Who says you have to write about certain things anyway? If you can't be the boss of your own blog, where can you be your own boss?)

enc said...

I'm with Meg ^^ . It's up to you what you post.


Ah I rmr coming back and checking your blog quite often during fashion week hoping to see a post on it. I hope you still put something up even if a mini post.

As for the Tibet thing , Oh god. I'm trying to wrap my head around it. I can't get over the fact that the media is painting the Dalai Lama to be some sort of crafty manipulator. And I was just discussing the hypocrisy of the situation with a friend.

As for the guy in the other cubicle, you have my deepest sympathies. It's quite sad that people can be so inconsiderate .As for mobile phones, I've always thought it ironic that it's supposed to "connect" people but what it really does is alienate people further .

Anyway, it's always nice to mix it up a little , so its all good. Keep em comin'.

dreamecho said...


well, at least i know i'm not alone -- in not having enough time to write (i totally feel you on the brain refusing to go into compose mode), as well as in being disturbed by the injustices in Tibet.

i like your "rants." fashion doesn't exist in a bubble, after all.

yumiko said...

i read some stuff about india fashion week by suzy menkez on the harold...looked v interesting :]
looking forward to your reviews!!

ambika said...

People commonly play music on their cells loud enough for others to hear?! I think I'd be hard pressed not to smack anybody who was doing that within 3 feet of me.

And yes, the whole Olympics thing has really turned into a bit of a joke. That various countries aren't boycotting it is really surprising to me given what happened in 1980.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Thanks for not brickbatting me, guys!
HM: Great, so now Bollywood is the scourge of the rest of the world too? *cries*
Meg: Thanks ..and I reckon I may as well be just that:)
Masala Chai: I've put up one mini post...will do the rest when I have a properly functional computer to work on. And the response to the Tibet situation is just insane, I agree just trying to get your head around it is mad. As for cellphones, I think those bloody mp3 player phones should be outlawed. Why can't phones just be things to talk on?
Dreamecho: Thanks for the sympathy...and the situation in Tibet is, methinks,not going to be fixed by bleating out excuses about the athletes having worked hard, or that the Olympics are supposed to be apolitical. I really hope things get better for people there..
Yumiko: I did put up a little post, I'll do more soon enough.
Ambika: Yep, it's common practice in this part of India. And people look at you like you're a complete b**** if you tell them to turn it down.
As for the Olympics,the IOC is really looking like a sham- but the Tibetan protesters did pick a good time,I'm wondering what it'll be like when the torch comes to Delhi (the Dalai Lama's residence is in a neighbouring state, and Delhi has a Tibetan colony up north..I've seen the flags in quite a few places)

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