Frippery And Suchlike

Ivory Recycled Poppy Tail Holder
Recycled Poppy Bobbypin Set
Moon Rabbit Necklace
Decorating myself is not one of my strong points. Not with jewellery, anyway- earrings and bracelets are things I find annoying, and I haven't really found a decent replacement for my favourite pendant- a bunch of purple glass grapes with two green glass leaves- yet another lost bit of cupboard love. However, the embargo on decoration doesn't extend to my hair, which, being abundant and black, makes a decentish background for nearly any silly hairclips/hair ties/pins I choose to put into it. And given that I find one of my silly sartorial cravings coming on (as recorded here), only this time what I really want is a wild, vaguely wood-maidenish sort of floral wreath (less Louis Vuitton and more Art Nouveau fairy), and since I can't really walk around with an actual object of that kind in my hair (this not being adventurous London, but Delhi where creepy men stare), a few pretty hair ornaments by Foundling seem like a viable, mildly toned-down alternative. I'm rather enamoured of the shop's name and contents- and I do fancy everything with a poppy on it and the Moon Rabbit necklace (reminds me of that old story about the rabbit in the moon)...
All pictures from Foundling's Etsy store.


Stephie said...

I love your delicate etsy finds, and I'm really with you on the floral tiara idea for spring!

Maddy said...

Oh yes, Foundling has been on my Etsy favorites for ages. I do so covet practically everything in the shop, particularly those fabric poppies of hers that are so popular lately.

enc said...

I LOVE these. Maybe it's time I got some.

yumiko said...

i used to accesorize my hair alot,,,i once even wore a belt as a hair band and everyone at school made fun of me..
i havent worn anything in my hair for a long time though,,maybe i should try again
the ones with the flowers are extremly cute

atelier said...

They are really beautiful, I love these accessories, despite I don't wear them almost ever - I forget it!- they are beautiful and flattering to almost any girl

Baraginie said...

oooooooooooooh, rabbit necklace. I. NEED. ONE. NOW!


ambika said...

*Love* foundling's shop. She really has the pretties things.

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