Nonsense on Stilettos doesn't normally do news. Rambling does just fine for me most days, but this is a bit of a shock. I get the concept of employer comes first and all, but Dior has (I should've used past tense, what with Hedi Slimane quitting) some of the best talent in the contemporary fashion world working for it- what do they gain by getting rid of them? At least Kris van Assche sounds like a somewhat competent replacement for Slimane, but I'm having serious trouble visualising a successor to Galliano. Besides, as fashionologie says, it's just a Page Six rumour.


Perakath said...

Completely out of my league here. Sitting in law school, how do you know all this kind of stuff??

See, I know about, say, the NBA. But I can watch that on tv...

By the way, Floppo, if you ever think I'm embarrassing you in this comment space, just drop me a scrap!

Emma said...

yes, i'm using that phrase even though i'm not english...it's kind of addictive. like verbal crack.
i pray this is only a rumor. galliano is not the best fashion/creative mind out there today, but in my opinion he's close.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

@Perakath: It's called the Internet :) Purveyor of life-changing information and cool music. And also this.
@Emma: Brit swearwords in general are addictive, I don't blame you for being hooked.. I honestly think it's just a rumour. Too many designers have quit/been fired over the last year, maybe people are making up stuff now. At least, I hope it's made up.

Meg said...

I wonder if this has anything to do with his being found guilty of plagiarism with regards to William Klein's photo's.
If Galliano is forced to leave Dior, it's going to be a Tom Ford/Gucci episode I think. That was such a big mistake.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

That was bad...but a sacking offence? It's not even as if they've had much time to find a replacement, and they can't get the deputy to step in since he's dead.
I'm not a huge fan of Gucci, but there's no denying the brand hasn't been the same since Tom Ford left it.

Meg said...

It would definately be a bad year for Galliano if they let go of him, fingers crossed they won't. There was a big 10 year feature on him in the May issue of Elle, it's been a milestone for Dior.

Re: I think it's pretentious when people wear sunglasses indoors but in India surely they'd be useful?

Perakath said...

What was that last line?

Sunglasses are definitely useful here. Yesterday was 43 degrees C in Delhi. I don't know how people can drive without shades...

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I know, logically they'd be useful but for now I just can't shake the idea that sunglasses are meant for ladies who lunch.
I honestly don't know if Dior can let Galliano go for this. Surely the reparation is enough? Though the ripped-off photographs looked a lot better than most Dior ads I've seen.

Meg said...

Ladies who lunch in England are irritating, there's a lot of air-kissing and it's a big game of oneupmanship. I find wearing sunglasses a tad annoying to wear because then I have wear contacts, which I detest.
I agree about the stolen photos though, they were heaps better. I haven't heard anything new about his possible departure so I suppose no news is good news.
Closing thought: 43 degrees?! Bloody hell.

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