No, No, No Please

I refuse to put a picture up here, and I suppose I should be surprised they didn't get here sooner, given that they've been around the runways for almost three years now...but there are girls on campus wearing leggings. UGH. There are certain items of clothing my brain and whatever scraps of fashion sense I have just say a big no to- not many, but there nonetheless. They happen to include Stetson hats and, you guess, go ahead...leggings. Never mind the issue of how legs look, I honestly don't think the best way to deal with a temperature in the thirties (that's Centigrade, by the way) is by wearing a lot of black material that, even if it leaves a large chunk of your leg below the knee bare and ready to breathe, adheres to the rest of it without leaving so much as a millimeter of space between itself and your skin. Oh, and especially not if what you happen to have on top is made of some weird shiny fabric that is very definitely not Indian-summer-friendly at all.
EDIT: on request, I've put up a picture by Style Scout- the young lady in it actually wears her leggings pretty well, but then she didn't forget that there's supposed to be something more on your bottom half than just a t-shirt.


TheModistas said...

i know people who pay that YOU SHOULD NOT SHOW ANY FLESH THIS WINTER
that includes leggings, leotards, skinny jeans under everything
its like the kabalah

TheModistas said...

i meant to say pray instead of pay
but eitherway i know a lot of people who pay .

Perakath said...

We're in the northern hemisphere...

I must confess I don't know what leggings are. How are they different from tights/pantyhose?

A picture might be useful :)

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Picture's up..main diff between leggings and everything else is that leggings don't have feet.
And themodistas is in a country that's currently going through winter, hence the winter ref.

Perakath said...

They don't have feet, eh? Presumably they have a top, though? As in, they're sort of like ultra-long, ultra-thin, shorts?

Thanks for the picture.

And, hi!

Perakath said...

Oh, I just got it... the girl in that picture is barefoot! The first few times, I thought she was wearing brown boots of some sort.

If you're going "whaaa?", realise that non-fashionistas like me have a terrible eye for clothes. I have no idea what makes people say, "that dress is SO pretty" as opposed to "oh my goodness, new heights of fugliness every day..."

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