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I may be biased because I'm a fan, but Kirsten Dunst has this weird knack of wearing things that should look ridiculous (that Oscars dress this year was possibly the best way to give US Weekly the raspberry- Best Dressed lists are for suckers) and don't. But that's a whole other post (mustard tights, knee socks etc will all be dealt with in my version of detail), because I couldn't help noticing that her outfit choices of late have been fairly stunning ones. (note: this is nothing that hasn't been said before and better elsewhere, so feel free to tune out).
Go Fug Yourself said this looked like a maternity dress, but I'm honestly in love with all that floaty pinkness. And the back of the dress, up between her shoulderblades, has a rose on it. Sigh.
The look below is, as far as I'm concerned, pretty much the sparkler of the entire collection. Chartreuse is, on its own, a horribly ugly colour and pulling it off is tricky at best, but she's done it, and brilliantly- tights, clumpy oxford heels, big smile and all. And damn I sound like a fangirl, but I'd love to have the degree of inner cool you need for that.
I'm not sure whether she uses a stylist or not, but the evidence seems to point more and more towards not, at least for daywear- I don't see any self-respecting stylist letting her be seen in public in knee socks and oxfords. It might not be a Kate Moss/MK-A (I never got the appeal of looking like a monkey who rolled around in a giant dustbin before exiting the house. I think I'll stay fat if that's what anorexia does to you) kind of trendsetting look, but it's her own, and she looks like she has fun with it. And, best of all, manages to seem like she'd take someone up on a dare that involved spending a day wearing a fake moustache in public.
This is nowhere near being a comprehensive sample of her public wardrobe, but the pictures are still pretty good, I think.


Perakath said...

She's just so prettyyyyy!

Did you see her in Wimbledon? God that was one BAD movie... I've never seen tennis so badly filmed!

Oops, this is about the clothes... yeah they make her look prettyyyyy!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Blah, Wimbledon was bad- and not just because of the tennis.
More to the point, she's apparently going to play Debbie Harry in some biopic. I'm quite interested in this..

Perakath said...

Is Debbie Harry prettyyy too? Who is Debbie Harry?

Yes, I'm too lazy to Google or Wiki her. I'd have to open a whole new tab...

Queen Michelle said...

Perakath...you seriously don't know who Debbie Harry is?? Blondie?. Please google her, she's only possibly one of the most influential female musicians of the punk/new wave era, and even if you don't know about punk, her style and good looks are legendary. She spawned a generation of wannabe Debbie Harry's. Surely you must have heard "Atomic", "Call Me", "Hanging On The Telephone" or "The Tide Is High"??

Yohan said...

Let's hear it for Debbie Harry. Not quite obviously hot, but I find her attractive.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Perakath, how can you not know who Debbie Harry is? And then castigate me for not liking Dire Straits etc?

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