They Don't Make 'Em Quite Like This Anymore..

My roommate returned from New York a few days ago with, among other things, a pack of 50 postcards from the Museum of Modern Art featuring old movie posters. Which got me thinking, most movie posters these days don't look all that great, I wouldn't want them decorating my walls . And they rarely, if ever, feature clothes I think are cool (Uma Thurman's yellow Game of Death tracksuit from Kill Bill will be covering the damp patches over our mirror as soon as the poster gets flattened out, and the wedding dress from Volume 2 looks amazing - maybe that's because of the katana in the frame, but they're the exceptions rather than the rule). I honestly can't think of anything recent that, fashion-wise, is a memorable poster image. Unlike the two below:
I know it's two posters for the same movie, but I swear, Audrey Hepburn wouldn't look out of place in 2007 despite the fact that it was made over forty years ago. Unfussy shapes, coloured and otherwise printed tights, and the sunglasses in the bottom picture..what's not to love? Especially the tights..and now I WANT the posters. Along with her tights, of course.


Yohan said...

Man I need to see more Audrey Hepburn movies.

Also, what are your comments on: http://www.zoozoom.com/

I got this from the webby awards nominees


ambika said...

The clothes in the movie are pretty fantastic, too. I think it may be where I first fell in love with bug-eyed sunglasses. Her clothes in 'Charade' (and probably the ads as well) are also pretty amazing.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

@Yohan: quite cool, I thought...though the fashion wars thing is something I'm ambivalent about.
@ambika: she looks fantastic in nearly everything she's ever made- the Balenciaga riding hat of two seasons back or so shows up in the movie too.

QueenMichelle said...

the clothes in Paris When It Sizzles are amazing too. I just ADORE Audrey Hepburn! As a graphic designer I often look to 60's film and music for design inspiration because they were so many new type foundries popping up, and movie posters and album covers is where they really got to explore typography.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Her clothes in pretty much every mvie she's ever done are amazing- it's hard to pick out a single one as a favourite becaue they're all that gorgeous. And amazing as her clothes were, they never wore her (the first sign of fashion victimhood, IMO)- she wore the styles of the two decades her career covered, in a way that was very distinctly her own.
I didn't know the details of why the posters and album covers back then looked the way they did, so thanks for the info, Your Majesty :). Maybe it's oversimplifying the case, but the 60s have always seemed like a bit of a stunning decade to me.

QueenMichelle said...

I suspect the mass influx of creativity in the 60's was in some way due to the mind expanding drugs everyone was taking LOL!!!

Yohan said...

The creative sorts are still taking drugs. They're just more discrete about it!

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