God Save The Cap..

The latest on-campus example of style heinousness (I wish I could put up pictures, but these people don't deserve to have that done to them) needs to be bitched about, because I actually have nowhere else to do it:
Ingredient #1: dark-wash blue jeans (not skinny, just regular straight or boot-cut ones)
Ingredient #2: black, slightly loose t-shirt tucked into aforementioned jeans
Ingredient #3: velvet-trimmed flip-flops
Ingredient#4: (and note, because this is where the outfit starts on its way to fashion victimhood) a brown corduroy newsboy cap. Worn with (and this is what sent the entire look straight down the road to hell)
Ingredient #5: a lot of rather long brown hair, loose under the cap. IN SUMMER. IN INDIA. WITH POWER CUTS AND THIRTY-SOMETHING-DEGREE CENTIGRADE TEMPERATURES IN ABUNDANCE. I admit, I'm not exactly fond of the girl in question, but I can usually divorce my opinion of a person's dress sense from my opinion of the person- and she's usually decent-looking, if a little matchy-matchy at times. And I know the description above actually sounds fairly ok, but it was just so try-hard I didn't know whether to feel sorry for her or just be my monstrously mean self and keep laughing at it (actually, I did know what to do- the mental equivalent of point and laugh. I wasn't the only one doing it, either). And the worst part was that the hat was actually, as an independent entity, pretty decent-looking. It deserved better from a wearer than this-and headgear isn't that difficult to pull off, I can think of at least two people in my class who do it with far more panache than this specimen.
Trend victims, bleargh......


Yohan said...

I had no idea those things were called newsboy caps. Hooray for google image search!

Perakath said...

Aw you made me Gimage search it too! I kinda guessed what it referred to though :)

Thambi, the outfit you've described seems perfectly agreeable! (Except for the velvet-trimmed flip-flops - I'm not a big flip-flop fan. I like mine from Bata, for 50 bucks.)

Sounds more like the person couldn't carry it off. Is she slim/tubby/gawky/self-assured?

You described the outfit very well, might I add. As in, sufficiently detailed...

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Reasonably slim, but it wasn't about that, it's just the way she wore it- like, "look at me, in my cap! I'm so fashion-forward! I'm so cool!"
I know it sounded perfectly reasonable, but the first person to notice the cap and the way it was being worn wasn't me- it was one of my guy friends. As far as I'm concerned, if even he noticed it looked weird, I wasn't imagining things.

Perakath said...

Wasn't YoungThos, by any chance?

Blue Floppy Hat said...

No, it wasn't Thos...it was someone who is much less of a clothes critic.

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