That He Who Lives More Lives Than Once, More Deaths Than One Shall Die

Keeping Sisters In A Cage

Don't worry, I'm not getting morbid- just snitched the line off Oscar Wilde via Kimberlee Traub, whose site I stumbled on via a search for tattoo art and hats (I know it sounds like an odd combination!), and I know I make a crappy art reviewer so I'm just going to be straightforward and say her work is amazing. There is, as she states, a distinct 19th-century Victoriana Goth feel to a lot of it, but to me it's more a lovely mixup of things that feel like they belong in certain panels of the Sandman series (check out the one of Death and Dream) or in the illustrations of certain less-kiddy-than-usual children's books/unusually adventurous books for grownups, possible Victor Horta decorations in 2D form, and things that just plain look lovely even if they're more than just that. I've been having a bit of a curly-lines phase of late, so this is the perfect thing to feed my eyes with. And even if my favourite of the lot is Warrior (the picture on top), I think I have a bit of a soft corner for 'Rebecca Batt And Her Wonderful Hats'- what a wonderfully whimsical title, isn't it?
Images from www.kimberleetraub.com, used for illustrative purposes only.


Yohan said...

I do like a touch of the gothic from time to time. Have you seen anything by Edward Gorey?


Blue Floppy Hat said...

Nothing apart from The Gashlycrumb Tinies...I do like a touch of the morbid sometimes.

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