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It's been a while since I really gave a thought to my favourite fictional femme, but since real-life things have been rather uninspired of late (as C put it, the magic's gone), I could use a dose of her. Or of the film, to be more specific. It just happens to be one of my ultimate weapons in the fight against November-induced mean reds, and between Amélie, Nino, the travelling garden gnome and Montmartre itself, there're plenty of treats for me on any given day. Though, to be honest, I'm in a bit of a screw-it-all kind of mood right now, so Amélie's clumpy shoes- the spitting image of the ones I had to wear through my last two years of school- suit the strong desire to kick something right along with reminding me of her. And it is those shoes (along with her hair) that keep Amélie from looking like a twee little twit, which is great because it matches the way the screenplay portrays her as anything but. Plus, Audrey Tautou wears things with a panache that I've rarely seen on actresses onscreen- be it a turban, clumpy shoes, slipdresses, or even, in the photobooth, a Zorro mask (in fact, the only other actress I can think of who was as good at this is the other Audrey- and doesn't that scene with Amélie and Nino towards the end look somewhat Roman Holiday-esque? I want a Vespa, now).
I'm leaving a link to Yann Tiersen's theme for Amélie, which is one of the most amazing pieces of music ever composed, and I am not being hyperbolic about that. The rest of the score is wonderful, but this is the sparkler of the entire lot. I should shut up now, and let you watch the trailer- or better yet, the entire film (even if you've seen it before, once more can never hurt- and certainly not in this case).
Yann Tiersen- La Valse D'Amélie


ambika said...

This is one of those few pieces of music that, if I'm in the right (or wrong, really) mood, can make me cry.

This movie is endlessly inspiring and definitely a good combatant against crap winter weather.

Yohan said...

She's one of my favourite fictional femmes too. Along with Annie Hall, and er...several Meg Ryan characters. Hehe.

What are November-induced mean reds?

disktop said...

I'm taking the track. Thank you. I saw this movie for the first time in my first year in my roommates house, and fell in love with her. :)

In other news I have acquired a Pakistani army beret. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, I need a good dose of this movie every now and then myself. So wonderful. But I bought a little travel gnome and that always does the trick.

Meg said...

It's one of those films I can watch repeatedly without getting bored and Audrey Tatou was enchanting in this role.

PS. You're tagged.

maya said...

my god, I absolutely adore amelie. it's just one of those films which when it finishes you just go 'wow'.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

In my case, it makes me go goofy in the face for several hours afterwards, with the occasional relapse in later days..

Oh, and daddy, I have two more tracks , which I shall put up in a few days- or would you like me to give them to you when you get here?

The Clothes Horse said...

Definitely one of my favorite movies and an inspiration. I send out anonymous postcards with inspirational quotes and my own doodles or collages, I'm always looking for a new way to do a random act of kindness.

disktop said...

Both of those work for me... :)

WendyB said...

I liked the movie but something about her overbite makes me want to slap her.

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