Fashion blog (OK, that isn't exactly news).
Funny, smart, articulate (not exactly news either).
Written by a girl with fantastic personal style who isn't afraid to let us get a gander at her experiments (lots of bloggers have that, so it's great to look at, but what's my fuss?).
Now here comes the kicker....
*cue loud playing of the Star Wars theme* (what? One of my favourite films it is. Only sorry I am that rolling preludes I can have not. Now revert to normal speech I must).

If her blogger profile info is correct, The Fashion Rookies Jar is written by a girl living in India. It's a bit of a "Whooppee!" moment for me...

I'd given up hope of ever finding a half-decent Indian fashion site after the "little fatty women" discovery of last time's Google search, so finding Indi's blog via a trawl through the archives over at Lipstick Lady was immensely gratifying. Did I mention she's highly readable? Enough people seem to think so, given that I recognise a fair few names in her commentspace.

image from The Fashion Rookies Jar, used for illustrative purposes only.


WendyB said...

But I love "little fatty women"!

Yohan said...

You know, the "little fatty women" author is probably just someone whose English is poor. There are plenty of speakers of butler-English in India. He/She might have just meant "plump" or something.

indi said...

my blogger profile display is correct! i'm very much in india. thanks i appreciate you featuring me.I didnt think I was all that lone though.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Yohan: I know that. It doesn't stop it being rather funny, though (and neither does it stop my mocking it- I'm not fond of so-called "fashion advice" columns anyway, but this one was a true howler).
Indi: For what it's worth, you're not totally alone. You might not guess it looking at the blog, but I'm another.

indi said...

i did guess it, later of course, after browsing through your archives. where are you from? i'd really enjoy discussing fashion with you more often.

dreamecho said...

obviously you should (and did) judge the fashion rookies jar for yourself, but i'd just like to attest to the unique intelligence that is indi. i love what she does with photoshop!

Young Thos. said...

I don't understand why you continue to abhor listing your country in your profile, then. Let others discover the wonder of Indian fashion bloggers!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Thos: it has everything to do with the fact that I'd like to screw what people expect of a fashion blogger living in India who is
a) not a fashion student
b) not particularly into the fashion scene here, or traditional clothing of any sort. You know me.

Plus, I don't like the look of that block text under my username on the top left. I'd give anything to be able to get Blogger to let me not specify my location now.

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