Happy Birthday To You...Or Not

What would I be without the words "Get lost!"? To celebrate birthday #13, this month's i-D had a picture of Emily, patron saint of disgruntled girls everywhere, in a Maison Martin Margiela cape/dress with rather cool-looking (in cartoon form, not pictured above) pointy shoulders, but it's still the little black dress that she rules, she's my second-favourite LBD wearer of all time (top spot going to Holly Golightly, of course, though Emily's way with it is much easier- chokers do nothing for me). Though the jaunty little scarf is a nice touch.


blushing apples said...

is it your birthday? happy birthday!!! *_*

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Marlene: thank you, but it's not my birthday, it's Emily's...blogging in the wee hours of the morning does not make for coherent posts..

Meg said...

Haha. I love it.
She wears attitude like she means it, second only to Daria.

Re: Green is my newly discovered colour, I'm digging it at the moment.

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