In case the post title didn't make it obvious, the young man in the picture above is K, one of my best friends at law school and a permanent ID liability thanks to the fact that he looks about fifteen years old on a good day (I'm not exaggerating, the chap at the ticket counter demanded proof of age from him when he attempted to buy tickets to X-Men 3 last year).
The reason I'm posting this, really (apart from my surprise at the dressing-up: it's actually quite funny) is that I've never really had a chance to watch anyone going through the blog before, never mind having someone perch at the computer behind mine and open up the page, which I'm convinced he did just to annoy me (sitting behind me and snarking while I'm trying to compose a post? It's amazing how much I let the brat get away with). I now present, in paraphrased form, K's reactions (snark and otherwise) to the page below:
"Who're these guys?" (note: I'm convinced he was spazzing out, since he's actually a bit of a fan)
(On this): "What's that?"....*reads the post*...."oh, some cat shit."
*scrolls down*
"Don't you have any pictures on this thing?"
*scrolls down further*
*points the mouse at Gemma Ward, here*:
"Who's that?" I tell him.
* scrolls down further*
*looks a bit scared*
"How long are her legs?"
*scrolls down further*
"Ooh, nice yellow dress."
Then- "Why are they dressed alike?"
*scrolls down even further, making assorted disparaging remarks that I can't quite remember, along the way*
*reaches the last two pictures of this post*
"Nice covers". (background info: K likes Mojo and Q, and can actually play the guitar he's holding in the pic above. We're both quite fond of the giveaway CDs).
*scrolls down even further*
*reads the post*
"I'd sit next to her."

That sounded a lot funnier when it was actually happening, and I'm sorry to leave everyone with such a mess of links to follow, but I don't think I'm quoting him wrong (I shouldn't be, given that the conversation took place only yesterday).


Emma said...

Your friends sounds vair witty. And I love his green hat.

Young Thos. said...

Very Dr. Seuss, isn't it?

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Emma: Here's the thing, he wasn't trying to be funny...those were his actual reactions to stuff.
Thos: Now that I come to think of it, yes.

Indian Idle said...

wow! internet superstardom!

my latest reactions, if you're interested-

"ooh there's that Strange chick"
"that looks like the bolivian flag"

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I still don't think anything tops
"Who're those guys?"

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