The Wolf's At The Door

(thanks to Carissa for reminding me of Mr Wolf. Pictures courtesy of wikipedia)
I'm not a person who takes to new musicians all that easily. The better part of my iTunes playlist is firmly mired in c. 1995 and a piano rendition of Rossini's William Tell Overture, and somehow it's easiest to keep returning to those when I have nothing else to listen to. And there are only two ways I end up giving new stuff any sort of chance with my tympanum:
a) A friend shaking mp3s in my face going "you have to listen to this!", to which request I usually acquiesce fast enough unless it's metal, which (sorry to any metal fans reading this) I absolutely can't stomach.
b) Something popping up on Pandora, which is my Internet radio service of choice, which throws artistes at you one song at a time. The good part about that is you can give things a thumbs down and not have them play again if you don't like them.
This turned up via the latter method. I'd fallen in love with The Magic Position before I even heard the chap's voice, and given how much I loved the daft, kiddish beginning I wouldn't have cared if he'd sounded like a dyspeptic gorilla. And then, after reading Carissa on the subject of Mr Wolf, I hunted for more of his stuff off the net and found three songs, all of which were, putting it mildly, excellent. Musical loves have been based on less. And (important for a girl fashaholic) it doesn't hurt at all that he's cute and has hair just the colour I would like mine to be if hair dye wasn't one of my mortal fears. His look, in a weird way, matches his music (or at least what I've heard of it)- though reviews seem to say his earlier stuff wasn't as happy-sounding. In any event, it can't have been all that depressing if he's got a hula hoop (I want one) in his hand on the cover of his first album, even if it is called Lycanthropy (that always reminds me of Remus Lupin, who is heartbreaking every time he pops up on the page
. I sincerely hope he doesn't get killed off in Deathly Hallows- if that happens, I will cry). If this boy puts out a metal album, I might even give it a chance.


Allure said...

You're right I missed Marlene Dietrich.
And talking about music, I am bit like you, I don't take new musicians easily.

Meg said...

Patrick Wolf is also so good live.
I always thought Remus Lupin would translate into an attractive man on screen but it wasn't to be, I do love him in the books though.

Re: Of course, Scarlett was definately annoying at times, especially when she kept running after other men instead of Rhett, but I think she had some admirable qualities too...for a fictional character.
I'm also guilty of alcohol hoarding myself, I finish a bottle and a new one I didn't even know was there just falls at me off cupboards and bookshelves.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

You've seen him live? I'm jealous!
I never really saw Lupin as a hottie, so David Thewlis playing him wasn't problematic at all for me. He was actually pretty good, I thought. But I still prefer my idea of BookLupin.
I'd better get to using up my store..and this time I must not spray the walls with red wine like I did at my roomie's twenty-first- a cork-extraction course might be in order..

Perakath said...

How does Pandora work for you? It's constantly buffering on my connection, and they say that's normal for non-US users...

Le Portillon said...

I just found your blog through Allure, I adore your long posts. You seem very interesting.

Carissa said...

Dear God, I adore Patrick.
He's really not an overly cheery guy though, the red hair is a new development (it was previously black, and briefly blonde I think). Lycanthropy and Wind in the Wires aren't as upbeat as The Magic Postition, but they're equally amazing. You should listen to Tristan, Pumpkin Soup, The Libertine, Paris, The Childcatcher and The Pigeon Song - those are some of my favorite songs of his.

Emma said...

I love Remus Lupin, I think he's actually my favorite Harry Potter character. Not that I'm so big a nerd as to know all the characters or anything. Ahem. What?

God, Pandora is FANTASTIC. And I too am pretty set in my ways about music, I pretend to be all open-minded but I end up usually deriding all the new stuff I'm exposed to...unless it's really great.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I dunno how Pandora works, but as long as it turns out music I like, I'm fine. But I just got some rather bad news in their newsletter, something about a legislation to do with charging Internet radio stations an obscene amount of money that normal ones don't have to pay.
@Le Portillon: I'm verbose by nature, at least online. It's nice to know someone doesn't get bored by that :)
@Carissa: I'll have to check the file names again, but I think Paris is among the songs I have.
@Emma: Potterheads rule! Not that I'm one either, despite being twenty-two

Perakath said...

Hmmm this is odd why does Pandora work for you and not for me...

Where did you preorder HP7 from? I'm going to too. Cannot cannot bear to have it spoilt for me.

contradiction said...

i have no idea who patric wolf is though am a musicaholic n unlike u i do tend to take new muscians a bit easily ok now cumin back2 d point reading ur post on him has tempted me enuf to check diz mr.patric guy sooooooo will do so soon n get back2 u

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