Odd Ends

(picture from Le Portillon)
I'm in a weird sort of mood right now, as far as dressing myself goes. Having all but lived in and out of three skirts for the last month or so (white broderie anglaise, green ditto, black bell-shaped), I think I've reached skirt saturation point right about now. Despite the fact that skirts are more or less the airiest. comfiest things to be in right now, I've spent most of the weekend onwards in a red-and-white striped boys' shirt tucked into a pair of black straight-leg jeans. I'm also feeling oddly colourless- practically every item of clothing that comes out of the cupboard now is black, grey, cream or olive green. And I'm really feeling like wearing jeans- a mood that hasn't struck me in what seems like years, because I am of the opinion that they make my bum look huge. Odd, the problems a big fat shirt can solve. I don't even care that I got the fidgets in class and pulled off one of its buttons. Oddly, the desire for mutedness does not extend to other parts of my toilette - my shoes inevitably have some frippery or other on them*, the only sneakers I've got are a nice flaming crimson, and the urge to put funny things in my hair is growing day by day. I may just do it, considering that my last foray into that department wasn't met with too much pointing and laughing. A mere headscarf isn't that problematic anyway..
yesterday they were half-stuck with green felt flowers. Why half, you might ask. The answer is, my mum's friend's new puppy chewed the other half off and proceeded to slobber all over my legs in the process. Today's mad flatprint is three blobs of colour on the toe of each black shoe, in the shape of chicks.


ambika said...

As much as I wear scarves, I don't think it ever occurred to me to clip something onto them. This may go down as the biggest fashion duh ever.

Perakath said...

You pulled a button off a shirt because you got the fidgets??

Make your bum look huge... haha..

Meg said...

I think you're moving into neutrals. I'm a little bit excited because people rarely make this shift...actually I only know of Carissa who is a neutral fan too. I hope you're joining the dark side ;)

Emma said...

I got the fidgets in Latin and shredded the entire sleeve of my sweater without even noticing. It was oddly therapeutic.
I too have been toying with the headscarf, but I'm worried I would look like a delusional gypsy left behind by the caravan.
Eh, it could be worse.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

@ambika: Stuff pinned on to scarves was pretty much the order of the day when I was in school, because we had so many clubs and their badges, but it never looked as cool as in the picture. I'm going to try buttons now. When I first started wearing shirts I used to slip a decorative hairclip/grip through one of the buttonholes, but I haven't tried that in a while..probably because I lost a whole lot of my hair accessories..
@meg: I think it's a phase, though come to think of it, I spent most of last winter in grey, blush pink, black and cream sweaters and the odd blazer, even if I did attribute that to office dress codes. Though I could start hankering for a yellow sundress next week.
@emma: It's easier than Pradaish turbans at any rate. I think if the fabric of your scarf is thin enough, you can just wind it around your head like a wide hairband and it won't look too outlandish- especially if you put your hair up and out of your face.

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