Been Away, I Have. And Now Return, I Do.

Meg pointed out in the commentbox below that it's been five days since I last posted, and I know it's three since I even looked, which probably seems odd considering that I'm such a blog slut, but there are extenuating circumstances, I swear. And they extenuate me like no one's business-namely, having had papers to submit, too much to drink*, and now a tech law essay to try my hand at writing, since it's due tomorrow. Oh, and no sleep last night. Not so much as a tiddly forty winks (aforementioned papers were handed in this morning).
The sequence of events took place in roughly this order:
1. Papers to submit: all week. I just never got around to doing it and watched the entire Star Wars trilogy- the original one- instead, for the first time in ten years. Only this time I did it in an environment where being a Star Wars fan wasn't going to get me called names (in hindsight, my school was stupid- I had to get to college before I met another fan of the original trilogy in real life). And George Lucas is terrible at dialogue, but it still has Luke and Yoda and Princess Leia (who could probably kick the ass of all the idiot rom-com heroines that I've been getting to see lately. At least she has a life goal that involves something other than getting a guy- and if anyone says another word about the gold slavegirl outfit, may I remind you: she didn't enjoy it one bit. In fact, she enjoyed it so little that she ended up choking the creature who made her wear it)
2. Assorted things, like stuff I do in geek capacity: all week. I do quizzes. Like, those things where they ask you a question, and you know the answer and get points? I've been doing the kind where you sit around in a huddle with teammates and have intense discussions about guesses at the answer, and you're against other teams- since the age of eight. I'm not good at a lot of things, but I do have a talent for the retention of seemingly useless bits of information, which might turn out to be things we need to know, because sometimes, if you get lucky, you win money. And discount coupons for books at one of my favourite secondhand bookshops. And our quizzes are a lot cooler than the game show types.
3. Assorted aimless, highly involved conversations with my soon-to-graduate seniors, at least the ones I like: all week.
4. Between pretending to work, alcohol consumption: every night, or close anyway. We got into a bit of trouble because of a pile of booze bottles (empty as well as full- which fool wastes good stuff like that?) getting found in a classroom that had been making do as a green room for stuff. Needless to say, alcohol is banned on campus. The authorities then planned a raid, supposedly in the next few days after that, which meant that we had to dispose of our stash through the easiest way possible- down our throats. Friday was a bit of a high point- we thought the raid was going to happen then, so Joni (my roommate) spent major amounts of quality time hiding our full bottles, while I took the empty ones to the terrace and got them off campus by the simple and expedient method of lobbing them over the fence into the compost heap of the campus next to ours. No one got brained.
5. Party hosted by aforementioned graduating seniors, some of whom- including Daddy- I am very fond of: Saturday. As usual, there was enough rum/whiskey/you name it on the premises (off campus, thankfully) to combust half of Bangalore . I showed extraordinary wisdom for my years by opting to go in a knee-length dress (black, wide straps, square neck) and flats (pointy, aqua green, sparkly-bowed)- less risk of flashing, no risk at all of having my ankles scream for mercy by the time fifteen minutes had passed because the terrain was uneven and there were substances around. And I was well and truly blitzed by the end, if I'd tried blogging around that time or anytime yesterday all that would've come out would have been stuff in the vein of fire bad, tree pretty. Which, frankly speaking, only Buffy can pull off anyway. On the upside, I did get told I looked pretty while I was still sober.
6. Work: all day yesterday. I'm done with papers for now, but this week is actually not going to give me much time off.
The next three weeks or so are winding-down time for the univ, there are exams and vivas and whatnot that I've got to give, not to mention an essay to attempt to write, so this is it for now- I will post twice more in the course of the next ten days, or try to anyway. Maybe once we're in June I might fill out the survey over at Emma's because holiday time just kills my neurons- I didn't do it now cause I thought it was too long, but it's kind of rich of me now that I'm looking at the length of this post...I also need to sleep sometime, I'm on this weird high that being awake for a very long time can give you. It's a bit of a fun feeling now that I finished what I stayed up for. And there are bits of this week when I'll be in no condition to come near a keyboard too, my theme should actually just be Ninety-Nine Bottles Of Beer On A Wall...at least it's just beer. I do like shandy.

*only at the party and strictly speaking, it wasn't actually too much. Mixing varieties of alcohol is all right, as long as it stays neat- even the world's vilest Scotch** didn't do me in when I shot two fingers of it during the holidays. Things just go down easier when they're pure.
**I'll give you an idea of how bad: it smelled like stuff you might encounter in the school chem labs. Does anyone remember a gas named hydrogen sulphide? Avoid single malt from the Isle of Skye at all costs if you value your taste buds. And why doesn't bloody Blogger have footnotes?


Meg said...

I can't believe my pathetic note actually got a response. Hazah. I feel your pain about exams...though I'm sure mine aren't as hard. I have 2 weeks until mine and have done no real revision whatsoever. Failure is inevitable.

On a separate subject: You can't have alcohol on campus?

Mrs Fashion said...

Haha - 'blog slut'.
Love it!
Glad you are back

Blue Floppy Hat said...

'm still swamped in work...aaagh.
And yes, under college rules, alcohol (including empty bottles) in your possession means you get fined and can be subject to disciplinary action by the univ. However, since they hardly ever bother checking rooms, we're not really bothered. If a raid happens,the usual practice if you can't hide the stuff is to decant the booze into normal bottles and keep it.

blushing apples said...

oh...you were away? yes i hate papers but i dont have to write any!!! i used to do it a night before but the paper was written in my head before that happened.

Perakath said...

Meg - you're allowed to have alcohol on your campus??

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