To Post Or Not To Post, That Is The Question

I'm probably going to be deprived of Internet access over the weekend and am feeling slightly cranky, having been subjected to thirty-degree heat, barmy old coots of teachers, annoying diva-like former friends who don't seem to remember that my name isn't sweetie, sweets or some corruption of that word (I can forgive your using that if- as is the case with most of the people who read this blog- you don't know what my name is), and the stark staring fact that I'm all out of clean clothes and was forced, as a result, to wear a frilly-looking white peasant top, camisole and skirt to class today, as opposed to the neat jacket, white shirt and trousers I would've liked to have on. Because here comes the confession: I'm really not that fashionable. Uneven terrain, extremely short get-ready periods and nasty heat, along with the moral brigade's objections to short skirts*, shorts and anything strappy** make life as a well-dressed college student, if you wanted to be one, an impossibility. Or maybe it just means I'm a fashion schizophrenic: my appearance might tell the casual observer I want to be Anita Pallenberg, while in actual fact whatever being in my head decides the things I like and dislike would rather have me look like Katherine Hepburn (not to knock Anita Pallenberg, but I just don't feel very rock n' roll right now. If I ever did). And it changes from day to day, and sometimes the idea of wearing yellow when what I really want to wear is grey, makes my fingers itch to get the offending garment off.
Does anyone else ever experience that? Fashion split personality, I mean.
*'short' here meaning anything that allows someone to see your knees, or the general region thereof (if it's a below-the-knee skirt). I am well and truly tired of having sluttily dressed wannabe Goths (going by the amount of eye makeup they have on at any given point in time, though maybe true Goths would be friendlier with fabric) telling me they love my 'miniskirts'- not one of which, except for the few that I keep to lounge around in, ends anywhere above my kneecaps. **and yet tight, low-necked tops, which have a far higher slut factor than my poor little camisoles, are ok to wear in the classroom.Where's the justice in this, I ask?


Allure said...

It happens to me constantly. Sometimes I am not that fashionable. It all depends on my mood, I think.

Emma said...

Odd coincidence! I too have described myself as a fashion schizophrenic since the day I tottled into my first thrift shop and picked out my very first pair of clunky, sparkly platforms. Ah, those shoes...I'm going to have to go off and wax rhapsodic about them for a few hours.
I sometimes want to look rock and roll, but I don't have the energy to really commit to it.

Meg said...

Yes, completely and utterly. It is when I can't be bothered to do laundry and in the summer when everything goes to pot. I also often think I am dressed quite well, but pictures taken will lately reveal how ridiculous I really looked and I will feel totally annoyed that at this age, I still haven't manage to work it out.

Re: You're a law student, it's funny, I sort of thought of you as a fashion or journo student. China sounds amazing, that would be such an experience.
The Moschino ads were from F/W 2004.

Perakath said...


Blue Floppy Hat said...

A fashion/journo student? That's quite funny, considering that the only options that were ever available to me at any point in time as far as univ studies went were maths, economics (which I actually did do for a year before dropping out) and this :)
I'm so bad at maintenance, I went and BOUGHT clothes yesterday because I didn't feel like laundry.

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