It's Official: Menswear Is Hot On Both Genders

(picture borrowed from The Apathist)
I should've known Irina wouldn't disappoint...the girl does casual exceedingly well, but wearing something like this at an event where everyone and their granny mostly picked floor-length gowns of varying degrees of prettiness was a fairly genius choice. There are a million things that can go wrong with wearing menswearish stuff if you're a woman, and she's neatly sidestepped all of them. Let's see:



Excessive primness

Loose, typical Irina hair and about three-quarters (it seems) of the length of her leg being prominently on display.

Actually looking like a guy (as opposed to a pretty androgyne)

Bracelet sleeves, actual bracelet and aforementioned legs. Plus, neatly cut jacket.

Looking like a wannabe stripper (not that she ever could, but it’s a risk less cool people run)

No stripper would ever wear those clumpy shoes. And she’s Irina.

Did I ever mention that I love her?


Meg said...

Irina and Carine Roitfeld looked superb, which is why they avoided my commentary wrath. Plus Irina's outfit I think, was courtesy of Mr Lim, who can do no wrong in my eyes.

Re: Agy's dress would have looked better on someone who could've filled it out better, and Jessica Stam pulled off her dress so well considering how crazily printed it was.I thought you said Cate Blanchett had cancer and I got really upset for like 15 seconds until I re-read it. Cate Blanchett is my one of my ice-queen role models, she's just perfect.

blushing apples said...

i love her tuxedo dress or the suit she made into a dress; whatever comes first really! i love menswear on women!!!!

Perakath said...

Sadly, men can't really wear women's clothes.

Who is this Irina? She does look very nice in the photo!

Lama Drama said...

love ur blog!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

They do look terribly cute together, too, Irina and Mr Lim..
Perakath, the simple explanation of who Irina is goes as follows: she's a model and former Babyshambles drummer. Just in case you can't tell, I'm a fangirl.
Womenswear on men...I remember a feature in Purple Magazine I think, where they dressed up Vincent Gallo in really high-end women's clothing. There was one shot of him in heels that actually kind of worked.

QueenMichelle said...

LOVING the shoes! I need those shoes.

Mrs Fashion said...

Irina looked a million times better than Julianne Moores attempt at androgyny, didn't she?
Mrs F x

Iheartfashion said...

So chic! Irina does androgyny perfectly!

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