Magical Unrealism

Untitled, 2004
Untitled, 2000
Untitled (LO270), 2004
If there were a single image that most clearly gives away just what occupies the blank space in my head, it would be the desktop background on my laptop, which, for the longest time, was the image at the very top of this post, for no other reason than that it was gorgeous, and I liked to wonder just how and why the dog got up the tree.
I suppose all I really want to say, is that Laura Owens's work is beautiful. There's a dreamlike quality to even her less obviously fantastic paintings that makes me think, rather vaguely, that this is something of what Gabriel Garcia Marquez's writings might look like if he used paint and paper instead of words, and yet that's not quite it- the flat edges of the figures are also a bit reminiscent of Japanese prints, and it's all weirdly moody without slipping over the edge into melancholy. The only thing I do know for sure is that I won't be deleting any of this lot from My Pictures anytime soon...and maybe this interview will be a better read than the post.
(I really don't intend to cheat on posts, but this was once posted to a blog that is no longer accessible to anyone but me, and not sharing the images would be a crime).
images from My Pictures (can't find the url of the original site), and artnet.


Elisabeth said...

Wow, the pictures are gorgeous.

I admire creativity; especially when it is so unique.

Dianna said...

simply magical!

Anonymous said...

lusciousness! the first one reminds me of Samurai Jack... one episode in particular but can't (be arsed to) find a reference for it... the second one of the old judderman ads...

her interview is really fascinating too... very insightful.

headmistress said...

lol that was meant to be me...damn bloody other peeps on my computer.


Oh I love the first image , I really like the bottom half of it actually. I think I have some kind of sea/waves/ships obsession.

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh my goodness this stuff is gorgeous! I am an instant fan.

enc said...

Agreed, they are beautiful!

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