All White Rabbit-esque

Is what I have been for the last few days, and look set to be till at least the weekend (leaving home at 8.30 a.m. and returning at 9.45 p.m. does not make for a conducive blogging experience! Also, the old myth that law = pen-pushing desk job? NOT TRUE, at least not of law interns at any rate. Carrying cartloads of files in my arms using the upper body strength of an underweight hamster is more than a bit of a pain)..though the experience of seeing a rather spiffy old lawyer take a meeting wearing patterned braces on his trousers- rather a rarity these days, I wonder where he got them from- did make up for much of it. Also, I spotted pocket-watches in a couple of waistcoats in court yesterday (I like those plenty too, hence the White rabbit reference). Though for the most part, court rules that require lawyers to dress in black and white means they all look like penguins (and with their robes on, they look like bats- or a bit like people auditioning for roles as Hogwarts professors).


Stephie said...

a law internship certainly sounds dreary when it gets down to the minute tasks, but then again, the upside is that at least you still have your student status to hold on to!

Y said...

Old chaps in suspenders/braces do look sharp. There's an old tea trader in Coonoor who dresses like that. We don't see pocket watches too often though.

All the best struggling under the weight of all those files!

Dianna said...

great observations & i love the fact that you spotted pocket watches. fantastic!

Katie Rosemary said...

It might not be very exciting but you've made it sound very comical nonetheless!
Hoorah for white-rabbit-esque pocket watches... j'adore.

The Clothes Horse said...

Pigeons, bats, and rabbits oh my! Court sounds like a zoo...

enc said...

I'm sure the lawyers have their fun in fashion in some kind of subversive way if they can't do it out in the open. I bet it's boring to wear nothing but black and white all the time. I hope you have more time soon!

riz said...

My steretype is that Lawyers have enough money to dress to the nines everyday!

susie_bubble said...

Sounds like a field day for The Sart!

mistercrowley said...

@ enc: black and white is a fashion statement in itself, thank you very much.

@ blue floppy hat: child. there's something called contempt of court...you really don't know which net-savvy judge might be reading this and going "grhmph...is that what these brats think of of our nobull attire" ;)

evie said...

upper body strength of an underweight hamster? lol. i used to suffer from that too till i started lugging everything around in a big bag - you should see my biceps now lol

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Stephie: Yeah, that's my only excuse..studenthood!
Y: It's only the old chaps who dress that way- waistcoats are a rarity too, but they do look spiffy.
Dianna: it was all rather hurried..
Katie Rosemary: I'm glad someone gets a kick out of my painfully dull life :)
The Clothes Horse: I didn't realise that till you pointed it out..but I guess it's true :)
ENC: If I ever do become a lawyer, I'd probably aim for some vague form of subversion because sartorial boredom is bound to happen..
Riz: Not trainee lawyers. And even if the older ones have the money, they mostly don'y have the time to go looking for the good stuff- as I said, sartorial boredom is my future in this profession..
Susie: I doubt the Sart would've been allowed past the gate..this was the Supreme Court, they don't let you in unless an advocate signs you in, and cameras are banned :)
Mistercrowley: It might be a statement, but isn't it a bit tiring to have to look that way all the time (even though I like the gowns)? And great, the lawyers have found me...I reckon I can handle a contempt of court notice though, I know people who've had them (though the spiffy lawyer in braces wasn't entirely devoid of a sense of humour, if the Ronald Searle sketches of TS Eliot and others hanging on the wall of his house were anything to go by..)
Evie: I really am a weakling..and too much of a chicken for heavy handbags!

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