Leave Of Absence

Just a quick note to let the world at large know I won't be anywhere near a computer this weekend or Monday, and haven't had half the time I'd like to answer comments. Posting will hopefully resume on Tuesday, so I'll just be an absentee blogger till then.
Oh, and while I'm at it, I'd like to wish Style Bubble a very happy second birthday (a full day in advance, but it can't be helped- sorry Susie!).
A very tired
Blue Floppy Hat


Meg said...

You sound like you need the break so I'm hoping you get a chance to relax a bit. Looking forward to the return!

headmistress said...

I hope you have a super-relaxing weekend, liberated from the bounds of the pesky internet :)

Elisabeth said...

Hope you're break is for good reasons :-)

Dianna said...

sounds like it might not be a trip you are looking forward to. but, hope it's bearable.

enc said...

I hope to see you soon!

evie said...

oh dear... hope you come back a little more well rested

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