(WARNING: this post is only tangentially fashion-related, so anyone who doesn't like my rants or thinks they will have mean things to say when I'm done is free- no, encouraged- to click on the little 'x' on the top left-hand corner of your window/tab).
As I've mentioned ad infinitum, I'm crap at reportage. I didn't expect to score anything out of a visit to the India Fashion Week venue, other than a fair bit of person-watching (I got there a bit early, but in the two hours spent out on those grounds, the most interesting person from a style point of view turned out to be a lady in magenta tights, a shiny black, full-sleeved coat and her hair in three - I think- odango buns wrapped in stripy ribbon (the last feature, IMO, was the coolest). Given that temperatures here are set on 'slow bake' right now, I did wonder if she was moving around in a special air-conditioned bubble of her own or something. I probably cut before the Very Stylish started getting there, but it was hot and I was tired of the constant reminders of just how badly outfits can be botched- I've seen enough leggings-as-an-excuse-to-wear-too-short-dresses, not to mention too-tight jeans and too-skimpy tops, to scar me for a lifetime).
But the real kicker, the reason for the title of this post and my top reminder of just why I can positively detest Delhi at times, came not twenty minutes ago, as I was crossing a street in Connaught Place (CP to anyone who's ever been to it). It went as follows:
*BFH, walking along, minding her own business*
*cue shady-looking chap (henceforth referred to as Creep) in shiny striped shirt and jeans, walking along behind BFH*
Creep: Excuse me?
*BFH turns around*
Creep: Can you tell me your name? (note: I'm quoting verbatim)
Thoroughly freaked-out BFH: NO!
Creep: Why? I want to have friendship with you.
*starts walking along behind BFH, who has started walking away at top speed*
BFH, yelling now: BUGGER OFF, and if you dare come near me again I'll call the police! (not an empty threat, since BFH's father is actually in the police).
I hate this. I hate creeps with scuzzy facial hair and dung for brains, who think a girl on her own is a walking invitation for a pickup line, and I hate the stupid culture that breeds them in the first place. I also hate the fact that I seem to be a walking magnet for things like these, and my only option from now onwards will be to stay locked indoors. UGH.
A very pissed off
Blue Floppy Hat


Stephie said...

Eek! Scum alert?!

Meg said...

Poor BFH. Unwanted attention is the pits, I always think about getting rid of sketchy characters by telling them I'm really a boy. But I'm worried by how effective it might be.


creepy but unfortunately not too uncommon yeah? It's worse in other places, I've had my butt pinched once - god did I ever slap that guy. REPEATEDLY.

btw- I totally attract weirdos too! It's a standing joke with my friends.

The Clothes Horse said...

Errr...creepers. My friend always attracts young, cute guys at clubs; I always attract old, scary guys...I think they're into the "Lolita" factor with me. Ugh!

headmistress said...

urrrgh... an experience I've had, with varying degrees of ick, all too many times, ranging from nasty remarks to... well, I think sometimes the arabs are onto something with the whole chopping ppls hands off...

I don't understand the mentality of men who behave in this way. I rarely get into furious violent rages about anything - except this. I really don't understand why, or what they get out of it. Is it a power thing, a control thing? I wish sometimes I could get a little patrick bateman on them, they piss me off so much, but I am always too stunned to react when it happens.
I also always attract creeps. They crawl out of the ground for me, I don't know... I need industrial strength weedkiller.

enc said...

Gross. I'm glad you told him off.

disktop said...

Nasty. Ouch.

WendyB said...

"I want to have friendship with you" - LOL!

riz said...

Yeah Wendy, THAT line is SO charming. How could you possibly have passed up the offer BFH??

(To quote Paris Hilton: HATES IT!)

Dianna said...

yucky! i hate creepy creeps. poor bfh!

Elisabeth said...

Urgh, sweetie - be careful!

I hope this doesn't happen to you.

Men are such a bizarre species.

indi said...

oh deja vu! delhi is by far the creepiest! we stayed at an aunt's place who forbid us to step out of the house after 7pm. primitive.

susie_bubble said...

Cre-epy.... though silver lining and all... perhaps you could take it as a wee compliment?

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Thanks for the support, guys..and if any of you ever end up in Delhi, being wary is definitely a good thing. Esp. if you're walking around...and this was most definitely not complimentary at all (none of you actually saw the creature- who wasn't appealing AT ALL, and this happened in broad daylight in the middle of the city.).

evie said...

i would've been quite afraid because sometimes you never quite know what they'd do. thank goodness you managed to escape AND give him a telling off

SICK. said...

scary scary, i hate hate hate creepy people.
i've had bad experiences, and i just don't like them.
i'm glad you told him off.


soph said...

I've been asked if I wanted to "make appointments for friendship" before..lol wtf is that?!

EZE said...

It's a sad thing this happens, and it's a worldwide phemonenon. I was in Barcelona recently and had an OLD man come up to me and start talking. I thought he was just trying to be friendly, asking about my trip. Out of the blue, he grabbed me and started kissing me. I pushed him and away and spent the rest of the day thinking of in exactly what order I'd like to beat the shit out of him.

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