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Junya Tashiro, AW08-09
So Japan Fashion Week AW08-09 is here at last (and not yet done, either- it doesn't get over till the sixteenth of this month), and the photographs so far are more than a bit interesting for me to look at- colour hasn't been completely eschewed and there's quite a lot of layering and some ruffles(and boots and head coverings and knee socks layered with tights, which makes perfect sense to anyone who believes in being well wrapped up), but monochrome and grey seem to be what's on show, for the most part. Which might be a natural followup to the Spring/Summer shows of last year- those were quite a lot brighter. And yet the monochrome manages to be cheerful in spots (quite an achievement, if you ask me- or is it just me who sees it that way?)- I'm also rather fond of the longer skirts on show at Junya Tashiro, though my true love is the outfit in the picture above.
I'm crap at reviewing things in half an hour, so it's highly recommended that people should just do as I did, and go look at the pictures, here.
Junya Tashiro, AW08-09 Everlasting Sprout, AW08-09
Ne- Net, AW 08-09
Hisui, AW08-09
Ele Tra AW08-09
Ylang Ylang, AW 08-09
Tiny Dinosaur, AW08-09


susie_bubble said...

The Ele Tra gown is superb and ridiculous at the sametime!

Elisabeth said...

Great pictures; I love looking at amazing flamboyant designs!

The second to last pic is insane!

enc said...

Japanese designers inspiring and provocative. I love how, in these designs, there is a tendency toward fabric pileup. It creates a lush texture. It's all so courageous.

WendyB said...

Very cool stuff.

headmistress said...

I love all the texture... esp. the Ylang Ylang...and Hisui... and, and, and...!

off the topic but... have you seen the Sart's first Delhi pic? and the little furore brewing in the comments! I whinged before about typical touristy shots but... certainly some food for thought.

The Clothes Horse said...

Now this is an interesting fashion week!

Dianna said...

japan fashion week is my favorite! nothing quite compares as far as innovation goes. i love everlasting sprout & mint designs best so far. ylang ylang was really interesting too.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Susie: I know, I was giggling for a full minute after I saw it! Elisabeth: It reminds me of 101 Dalmatians..
ENC: I like the fact that the designers actually play around with the cliches about their country and its culture, instead of buying wholesale into them. It has a sense of humour, which IMO is invaluable.
Headmistress: I had more or less the same reaction as you to the clothes :) As for The Sart, I'm firmly on his side- I'm more than a little sick and tired of sari idealisation, and it's good that he's following his own instincts and not going the 'tourist' way about this. It's not as if he hasn't shot trad outfits before, but surely acknowledging that people in urban India may choose NOT to wear saris or salwars isn't a crime? I chipped in with my own two cents on that commentspace, too.
The Clothes Horse: To me, it's much more interesting than say New York Fashion Week, and as much as London Fashion week. And you're right, I've always thought it bears watching..
Dianna: I'm waiting for mercibeaucoup- I love most of what I've seen so far, but I can't wait until it's all out.

Meg said...

The Junya Tashiro outfit has pulled me in for a closer look at the rest of the collection. And a mostly monochrome and grey showing = my dreams.
I had the same question as headmistress for you about the Sart myself, I think he's going do a great job but I'm a little disappointed in some of the ignorance on display in the form of commentary. Maybe this will be an enlightening experience?

ChiliLady said...

very creative, but not-ready-to-wear...for me!

riz said...

I like Hisui. Thanks for the link, I'll be on that site for hours i imagine!

Maddy said...

That top picture is rather Midsummer Night's Dream, in the best way possible. Oh it just makes me want to stumble around in an enchanted forest...

pierre said...

Hello!I love JUNYA TASHIRO's designs.
I found "JUNYA TASHIRO 08-09 F/W"video clip!!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Pierre: Mucho thanks! I'm glad there are other fans out there too..

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