Not Quite Blue Suede Shoes..

But they'll have to do. My (non-existent) photography skills and horrible camera (note: if anyone reading this is considering getting a camera from Sony's Cyber-Shot series, don't! They suck) means that the picture doesn't quite do them justice, but I still like them.
On another note: what is up with those new Marc Jacobs ads? My reactions to the pictures (as it loaded on Fashion Verbatim) went more or less as follows:
1. *sees post header*- w00t, it's M.I.A., maybe he isn't actually going to put out ads with Victoria Beckham in them! I knew he hadn't completely lost his head..
2. *sees picture* - erm.....what've they done to her?!?
3. *looks closer* - at least the one on the right looks more like her. But still, couldn't the stylist have fixed those trousers?
4. *contemplates it further*- good for her if she made some money out of it, but she deserves better than that. A visceral inclination for kaleidoscopic fashions* is better off being indulged than suppressed, IMHO. Especially if this is the result.
PS: not fashion-related at all and random in every possible sense of the word, but this (hit the Hipcast button on the page if you want to know what I'm on about) is a guaranteed chortle-maker...if only more three-year-olds liked to sing about falling down and splitting their lips, now ..

* Adrian's words, not mine.


ambika said...

Ha, this is was almost my reaction exactly. I like the picture on the right--the pose looks kinetic and how she is on stage. The first is just terrible, tho.

Yohan said...

The only reason I've heard of Marc Jacobs is because of a bag lots of girls here have that reads "Marc by Marc Jacobs for Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc Jacobs by Marc in collaboration with Jacobs for Marc..."

and so on ad nauseum. Put me off the name.

Perakath said...


Are those Adidas shoes? Are you the sort that wears sneakers without socks?

Teresa said...

MIA is doing the Marc By Marc Jacobs ads....and Posh is doing the primary Marc Jacobs ads, which blows. ANd I agree, why did they have to style M.I.A. so sloppily? Her trousers in the first picture bothered me a bit.

Heather said...

I have the bag Yohan hates! haha. The ads are aesthetically pleasing, but not Marc at all, or at least not the old Marc. And her face, with its makeup, is akin to a sullen child's.

Heather said...

Oh crap! I didn't check my link and it was the MIA ad. The Beckham ad sucks. That's what I was saying.

Yohan said...

@Heather: Hee hee. No offense! One man's meat and all that.

I like MIA's music more than her looks or style. There's something gaudy about her clothes that I can't say I find cool. She's definitely Tamil! Heheh.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Ambika: I agree completely with you, the trousersuit is awful. And the lighting isn't helping.
Yohan: I love MIA's style, but her music's better. Wouldn't try copying it, but I do admire her guts.
Perakath: I am indeed one of those people who wears sneakers without socks...but only if they're Converse low-tops (the bare ankles here were only for modelling purposes). And to answer your other question, this lot aren't Adidas.
Heather: I should've made it clearer that I was talking about the MIA ad...my bad. I fixed it now.
Teresa: thanks for the clarification!

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