Because I Am Just So Taken By This

I absolutely love the way Paolo Roversi evokes the spirit of 3 a.m. cram sessions the night before a particularly horrible exam. And the fact that Freja Beha looks so hot in the debris (almost entirely consisting of books), with her hair all scratty. It just rings rather true to life, even if no one I know does their cramming in floaty tulle or corsets..
It's also rather nice to know someone in the fashion world acknowledged the fact that being a student actually involves, y'know, studying.

images from Vogue Italia November 2007 via Foto Decadent. Yeah, I know I'm a month late but the idea was too stunning for me not to share my thoughts about it.


discothequechic said...

I completely agree, I just wish that my room looked as perfectly chaotic as this that I was wearing such dreamy dresses whilst reading up.

but..it's something to aspire to, non?

Chh, that Italian Vogue. They create such wonderful eds.

Elisabeth said...

I love the second picture so much!

Iheartfashion said...

I wish I looked this chic cramming for exams! Beautiful!

laia. said...

Freja is one of my favorites. These photographs are great, thanks for posting them. For some reason, I never really check out Italian Vogue.

Libertygirl said...

Bliss! LLG xx

disktop said...

The photos are stunning. They're got soul if I dare say so without sounding too arty farty.

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