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I don't really take to new music that easily. Being forced to listen to some new band called The (Somethings) every third day doesn't agree with me at all- it's like being urged to eat spiders' legs when what you really want is a bacon omelette. But for some reason or other, Remi Nicole (whose name sounds like she should be French- she actually isn't) isn't giving me the fatigues. After giving it a bit of time to grow on me, I think she's really genius. And Rock N Roll is a must-listen for anyone who's ever been criticised for acting different from the way they're 'supposed' to.
Her MySpace page isn't at all bad, either.
Remi Nicole- Rock N Roll
Remi Nicole- Go Mr Sunshine


MENTAL (Sage) said...

i love the video!

headmistress said...

remi = very cool! Reminds me of when I first started going to indie gigs, and you could count the number of non-white people in the audience on the joints of your thumb. Felt like a complete freak. (But of course this also gave me a hefty load of exotic-appeal, which was handy with the menfolk.)

Elisabeth said...

Wow, I actually enjoyed that (like you, I am adverse to new music)!

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