Out With The Plastic And Flowers

Earrings, from here.
Earrings, from here
Pendant, from here
I know they're the big trends of this winter and next spring, but the things I really badly want to see are...fruits. I also wish, more than a little bit, that two of the above pieces weren't earrings, given the fact that I can't wear any- they'd have been so pretty as pendants, non? I actually had a pendant in the shape of a bunch of glass grapes, but sadly, I seem to have lost it. In the meantime, I think I'll just run off to the fabric shops and see if they have anything appealing in a fruit print for me to turn into a dress- I'm feeling just the vaguest bit twee, though a toning-down would probably be in order (this calls for clumpy boots and a parka!).
And, as Wendy tells me, she has fruit too...she does a mean line in 18K gold fruit (!!) and very pretty flowers, I take it back about not wanting them, in the form of pendants or necklaces- the only form of normal bijoux I can ever (thanks to childhood trauma with earrings and a mental block against bracelets) covet. There's a clean, modern feel to the pieces- even with the details- that I really like, and it doesn't help that they all look good enough to eat. If I were richer or the exchange rates a bit better, there would be a serious hazard to my bank account- and the strawberry in particular is triggering memories of the first line of Summer Wine*.
All images immediately above from Wendy's site, clockwise from the top left: here, here, here and here.
All of the first three images are fromtheir respective sellers' shops on Etsy.
* Yes, I know it's the wrong season and all, but Nancy Sinatra suits me perfectly right now. I'll just leave a video behind, shall I?


Perakath said...

Floppy! I missed the last post, so I'm saying it here:

I think you should be flattered that your opinions are being taken so seriously! That was quite a little drama there.

Full credit to Mr Rana for not commenting anonymously.

Moving into the medium (at least) leagues, you are. Well done. To think this began as a secondary blog :)

Also, with regard to this post-- you can't wear earrings because law school doesn't allow it? Or because your ears aren't pierced?

Emma said...

Oh my God, I must have them all. They make me think of, like, raspberry jam and the Queen of England and brooches. Or something.

Elisabeth said...

So sweet; I love the second pair and have a cute blazer-jacket that, colourwise, is a perfect match!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

My ears were pierced twice in the same spot, and infected both times. Removing the earrings when I got to college was, in effect, my first outward show of teenage rebellion (usually with people, it's the opposite!) aside from the usual- at least, it was the only one that got my mum protesting.

Emma: Raspberry jam and the Queen? I'm so glad you're back, it means I will get a laugh within two seconds of starting to read your latest post. I could do with a laugh.

Elisabeth: The second pair are my favourites, too- they almost look edible to me! A blazer in that colour must look fantastic, and perfect for this winter. I don't think it's that obvious, but I'm really a fool for blazers- on people of both genders.

WendyB said...

I have fruit!!!! I have fruit!!!!! 18K gold fruit!

The Clothes Horse said...

WendyB's are especially nice I think because they take the "cutsey" factor out somewhat. But I agree those grapes would look really nice as a pendant--a little splash of color and dimension.

evie said...

i wanted to ask why you couldn't wear earrings as well but that's been answered. those earrings look really delicious!

Heather said...

The fruit jewelry looks yummy!

riz said...

WendyB's jewelry is always spectacular...A short note on the last post, with a longer one to come eventually - I don't know why Varun was being rather touchy. I think the old, perhaps trite phrase, "opinions should count for something" should hold true here. It's not that "everyone is entitled to their own opinions", but that each opinion is meaningful in its own right. Now, of course, anyone can make a case for a theor personal counteropinion, but it's just that a counter *opinion*

WendyB said...

Ha ha! Thanks for adding me, Floppy!

shredz said...



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A said...

ooh such a classic song, and those grape earrings really make me hungry

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

ohhh it's all so cute!

headmistress said...

I have a heap of vintage fruit charms (scores of them bought in bulk from etsy with many good intentions), that linger in the corner... need inspiration!


you have taggage!

riz said...

Hey BFH - In case you didn't catch my reply to your comment on my Chanel post here it is:

BFH - No I heartily agree with you, it does bother me - if it didn't I would not have excerpted his quote about size 38's here. I expected someone would take issue with it, rightly so. Meanwhile I just don't know how to constructively critique this preference of Lagerfeld's. It's sad that most of us as women resign ourselves to just saying, "oh well that's Karl!"

Linda said...

those flower necklaces(?) are so pretty in the bottom right! I really want to get some crazy fruit jewelery from girlprops.com, it's really cheap and fun

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