Guitar Girl

If all guitars looked like this (scrub the name off, though) I'd have run away from school long ago, learned how to play it and then joined a shouty, sparkly-nailed girl band like the fictional Mellowstar in an attempt to emulate Shirley Manson. But I'd skip the Jolly Roger top, wear my old Harmony t-shirt with the poofy new black tutu-type skirt I bought last week, keep drainpipes on underneath since the skirt is just too short to be seen out in public, and green Converses. Like, moss-green ones, not the achy bright green I keep seeing in the shops. Add a tiara, replace the laces on the shoes with a pair in fluoro green or yellow and we're good to go. Less of the fingers-up and more of the tongue-out grinning raspberry to the world, but still good to go.
(Picture pinched off I Hate Generic)

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