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I hate slogan t-shirts. They are among the stupidest things imaginable on this planet, and the only people who should wear them are people possessed of supreme self-confidence or extreme stupidity. And that holds good for House of Holland's 'fashion groupie' t-shirts of last year too. I liked the neon boldness of the lettering, but I don't have the courage to walk around with a request for the big boss at Dior Homme to cause me pain splattered across my chest. But I still think they're really funny ("Give us a tickle, Richard Nicoll"!?)
latest House of Holland show followed more or less the same track, only this time the slogans are ruder than ever and they're about the models. And am I the only one who finds it hilarious that three of the models named on the t-shirts were part of the show? (top left: rude t-shirt about Behati Prinsloo. Top right: Behati Prinsloo) Plus, I rather fancy those shoes of theirs, and the pattern of the lettering across Behati's t-shirt is rather cool-looking. Henry Holland may be, as his t-shirt declared at the end of the show, a one-trick pony, but it's still a funny trick. For now, anyway.
And now I really want to get a look at what's happening at Biba..pictures should be out by the end of the day. I shall just add a gushing/snarky comment as the clothes deserve, and put a few up.

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