Jo Can Draw, All Right

Why in the world don't more editorials play around with illustrations? When Vogue first began, it only had illustrations for its covers, and some of those were stunning. I get that i-D has a funda of championing portrait-style photography so they can't do the crazy crazy photograph-say-hello-to-drawing thing and I respect that, I just wish the marginally more mainstream publications would try it out a bit.
A lot of people I know find the idea of fashion funny, and editorials showcasing clothes etc even funnier, but the picture on top in an odd way reminds me of why I love it- it might look ridiculous and maybe it won't ever relate to real life, but it's just absurd and mad and funny and spooky and beautiful all at once. Or at least it can be those things. And I wouldn't mind having the top hat (star printed like the picture, if possible) to play dress-up with.
Since credit must be given where credit is due, the pictures are by Jo Ratcliffe, and were published in Lula magazine last year or the year before last. They're asolutely stunning, methinks.

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