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It's a cruel trick of fate, I swear, that the profession for which my education is preparing me has one of the most boring dress codes in the world- I mean, I have as much fun with black and white as everyone else, and offices don't need you to stick to it, but dress codes are still boring and it isn't even like school where all of us shortened our skirts by a clear three inches each and wore our shirts out when they were supposed to be tucked in and it makes me really itch to wear a pair of fishnets, never mind that I don't own any- I'd be happy wearing them under my trousers just to know that they were there.
So yes, what my schizo dress sense really wants is
a) Fishnets (with smallish mesh, otherwise I'll be tempted to take them off and toss them in the Yamuna)
b) a tutu, or similar crazy poofy skirt
c) a really big chunky green (I like green) scarf
d) Black nail polish, worn with stripes of
e) Silver nail polish
f) Big clunky shoes- heeled or not, I don't care but the clunkier the better
g) My baggiest old black t-shirt
My brain says: fat chance of it ever happening, Miss Trousersuit. But I still really want the fishnets...

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