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Fashion Weeks are now well underway...the one in New York has started, but I'm not reviewing anything mainly because I'm really bad at it. My appreciation of collections often stops at "that's really pretty, but my ass will look huge so no way on earth am I wearing anything like it" or "I want (but can't ever have)!" so attempting to give angle on the subject just won't work. So I'll just go off into what I want to be wearing today instead of what I actually am wearing (black parka-ish jacket, navy blue t-shirt, black mildly flared and still unflattering trousers, black ballet flats with little cartoon birds on them, and orange socks). So today I would like
1) a Powerpuff Girls t-shirt with Buttercup on the front (the pissed-off looking green-eyed one, remember?), over
2) My black, mildly tulip-shaped knee-length skirt which always ends up turning back to front when I spend an hour sitting down in it
3) My beatup black boots
4) A parka. Like a whopping big, fuzzy-inside-the-hood parka whose hood when put up won't make me look like Kenny from South Park.
5) And, since I'm not out of it yet......fishnets. In pink this time, though. Bright, really bright pink.
6) My mum's nude pinkish lipstick. I've worn lip gloss since the age of eleven, and owned it in every conceivable flavour, but lipstick is just something I can't take because it just looks so like, well, makeup. Except for this particular shade of Clinique (or was it Bourjois??) lipstick, which matched the colour of my unmadeup mouth so perfectly, my friends couldn't tell I had it on. Which is, as far as I'm concerned, an excellent quality for any cosmetic to possess.
7) Sparkly blue polish on my fingernails (also toenails. So what if they can't be seen?), and
8) A parasol. One of the ridiculous decorative affairs in the picture below, if possible- I particularly fancy the blue ones and am feeling a wee bit like Mary Poppins today. Or something frilly and pretty would do just as nicely, I want to twirl it.

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