Kamikaze Girls aka Shimotsuma Monogatari

Films that involve or acknowledge fashion* aren't things that get made all that often, or by too many people**. But I really wish more of them were like Kamikaze Girls, the one I just finished watching after an email from a friend who raved about it. The eponymous girls aren't suicidal as the title might have suggested at first, but a Rococo Lolita going through culture shock in the small town she's moved to with her yakuza dad, and a biker chick (whose bike isn't exactly what one would conventionally expect on hearing the words 'biker chick', though her behaviour certainly is - inclusive of headbutting! And spitting!). The two lead actresses have fantastic chemistry, and the first half is a riot- I don't think a minute went by without me laughing, and the funny special effects (a yellow cloud for a fart, a cross over a kanji error), along with a crackpot animated sequence on the history of the gangs, are brilliant. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the fashion is fabulous (and how can it not be, with two protagonists like that?). And just in case it isn't clear- this is a must-watch. Especially if you happen to be a bow fetishist, or like movies about female friendships (and there aren't nearly enough of those). Pictures follow.

Ichigo (left, looks vaguely like Shirley Manson IMO) and Momoko(right). The white thing on Momoko's head is a giant bow..
Ichigo's biker outfit (which I think is massively cool). And her bike (partly hidden by her).
It's not quite obvious in the picture above, but Ichigo's long skirt is pleated.
Which reminds me, were Japanese motorcycle gang outfits the inspiration behind Yohji Yamamoto AW08-09? This just makes me even surer of it..

Momoko loves her head bows, even when she isn't in full Lolita kit (I want one, now..)

The pink scooter (sorry, I still can't get over it!)
*note: I don't mean fashion as in runways, photoshoots etc. I'm talking about the things of six posts ago, just the process of getting dressed and giving that some thought for your own sake.
and I'm not talking about stupid rom-coms with heroines working at a 'fashion magazine' or some such thing. Or SATC.
Screencaps by me, except the last one. Yohji runway images from style.com.


Stephie said...

have u watched the japanese movie 'Nana'? It's brilliant as well, and very moving.

Stephie said...

so... after reading your post i start streaming the movie online and realised it has Kyoko Fukada in it... how did this escape my Japophile radar? Thanks for the recommendation!

selinaoolala said...

definitely adding it to my amazon wishlist, i have a secret lolita girl hiding inside me for sure!

The Clothes Horse said...

I want to see this! These girls look fabulous.

Jenny H. said...

i love your blog.
you have such interesting posts...

Meg said...

You should definately watch Nana!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Stephie: Yes, I've seen Nana- it was adorable. And I'm glad my post makes you want to watch this movie- I promise, you'll love it!

Selina: I kept flashing back to fash-blogger head bows nearly every time one appeared in the movie-it's funny to think of them as a Lolita-influenced look..

The Clothes Horse: I didn't really believe it was possible to really work a tracksuit and bleached hair till I saw this movie, but both girls look awesome.

Jenny: Thank you! I'm glad you find my posts interesting..

Meg: I did see it, and loved it :)

kitty kate said...

coool stills

Sister Wolf said...

Oh my! Who doesn't want to be a Lolita Girl or Biker Chick! I must see this movie, and I must be even more heartbroken that I can't have that Yohji stuff!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Kitty Kate: It's a really cool movie, cool stills are just a byproduct :)

Sister Wolf: I think I'm more biker chick, but I feel you on the Yohji stuff- my level of covetousness for it hasn't declined in the months since I saw it online..

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