Away With The Fairies

Queen Marie posted about babastudioprague's work before me, but happily we're in full agreement that their bags deserve a good talking-up, because they are beautiful. I'm not a fan of evening bags- they normally feel far too 'ladylike' for me, but the sheer whimsy and panache of these little shoulderbags has me hooked- especially their fairy bags, whose prints are based off actual story illustrations and even tarot.
Fairies By Night. There's very little chance of something getting nicked out of this (admittedly not large) bag if I owned it- I'd probably be staring at the front more than half the time. And I love the blue-green tones...

The Fairy Hunt. Title says it all, really- those are some scary-looking goblins in the print! But it's a really pretty drawstring bag...

Make Cakes Not War. I don't like slogan tees much. Slogan bags aren't often much better. But when the slogan is actually funny, an exception is well worth making. And I'd much rather have cakes than war.

Vintage silk-fronted messenger bag (phone not included!. The above two are gorgeous, though not quite practical for a life like mine (i.e. carrying everything but the kitchen sink in my bag). But if I really had to pick a babastudioprague bag to work for me, it would be this one, not least because messengers are my bag shape of choice, and I love the graphic print- and the idea of having one partly made out of vintage kimono silk is something I find more than a little appealing. And I'd advise checking out their other messenger bags too- these are VERY far from ordinary.
all pictures from babstudioprague's Etsy shop.


yumiko said...

oh,, the cake one is soo pruttyyy. i love bags with colourful print on them!!,, too bad i dont own one :[

WendyB said...

Love the first two.

Fashion Tidbits said...

woah! they are awesome, especially the illustration on the first bag!!!

enc said...

Those bags are an absolute delight, and I'm quite happy to see them as many times as bloggers wish to post them.

pretty face said...

Ayayayaya (by the way that's my excited sound). I came here via Queen Marie's post - this is soo cool! I posted about these bags a week ago, but none of us chose the same examples!


Fashion Addict said...

that's really pretty!

BTW, thanks for adding my link!

headmistress said...

lush... I esepecially love their alice in wonderland one!

I came across another etsy seller- habadaga a while ago while looking for a new bag who also do handfinished bags - they are really pretty and hand numbered and everything!

Tinsley said...

these bags are so beautiful - i love anything to do with fairytales!

The Clothes Horse said...

Those are ravishing. I adore how detailed they are.

MR style said...

wow awesome !

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Yumiko: the bags I carry in real life are pretty boring too, but I like the cake one for being funny!

Wendy: Yes, fairy prints do make for pretty bags..

Fashion Tidbits: They base them off actual, old-style illustrations- it's certainly different.

ENC: I'm glad to know that..

Pretty Face: Funny how we all though about posting them separately, I'd like to flatter myself and say great minds thing alike!

Fashionaddict: You're welcome,and thanks for adding mine too :)

Headmistress: that's a really pretty shop. Etsy can be such a treasure trove..

Tinsley: I suspect they appeal to that fairytale-liking side of us, really..

The Clothes Horse: That's what really won me over- it's really like a piece of art on a bag.

Mr Style: Yes, aren't they?

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