The Art Of Amy Sol

Wake Up Again, Gomo (2007)
The Clovervine Slumber (2007)
Cloud Blossoms (2006)
Your Meadow, My Ocean Floor (2007)
Blue Bouquet (2008)
Flying Fish (2008)
The Math Book That Never Opened (2007)
Amy Sol's detailed, dreamy manga-influenced artwork isn't what I'd call easy to lay hands on (her prints emerge in limited editions only), but it's most certainly wonderful to look at- the muted colour palette and melancholy Alice-in-Wonderland feel of her paintings, not to mention the quirky animals who accompany her subjects (mostly female, for some reason all the artists whose work I'm loving these days mainly paint girls) are unique and lovely. I suspect they'd be even better in real life, so lucky people in LA should definitely check out her latest exhibit at the Thinkspace Gallery (4210 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles) before it closes on July 4th- that is, if you have the time. Which I hope you do. Those who won't be in LA or anywhere near the gallery, however, should very definitely head on over to her site for a look at more of her work, or look at work in progress on her blog.
Hello, Sea Pony (2007)
all images from Amy Sol's website. Not mine!


enc said...

More beautiful artwork I'd never have known about if it weren't for you!

Meg said...

I did a piece on Amy Sol's work for Dazed Digital about 3 weeks ago, but it has yet to appear online, however I'm glad someone's reporting on her dreamy work!

evie said...

i'm very much in love with her underwater type pieces - hello, sea pony and your meadow, my ocean floor. although the fluidity in all her work shown here feels like we're all underwater anyway.

thanks for sharing!

riz said...

these are so delicate and seductive!

susie_bubble said...

I love these.... again so delicate.... about the Vogue Korea bloggers thing.... can't recognise anymore but it's a wonderful spread...

Stylist Stuff said...

Love the dreamy images especially the Blue Bouquet!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

ENC: I'm glad you like them, and that you'll get to see future exhibitions- a lot of them exhbit at galleries in LA :)

Meg: Dazed Digital is probably a much better platform for publicity than my blog so it's a good idea submitting it, but I hope they put your piece up soon- the Thinkspace exhibition ends on the 4th!

Evie: You're always welcome :). I think that underwater quality you spoke of has a lot to do with the lines of the wood she paints on, it all looks so dreamy partially because of that. And the images posted here are my favourites, so I love them too!

Riz: I know, they're unbelievable, aren't they?

Susie: Glad you like :). The Vogue Korea spread is fantastic but it's not the first time they've featured bloggers- I'm really happy that they feature people in the blogverse this way, too.

Stylist Stuff: I'm glad you love them, The Blue Bouquet is stunning :)

Always In Style said...

These are so dreamy, thanks for sharing!

Scheharazade said...

It's really beautiful. I love it !^-^

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