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As the saying goes, it's an ill wind that blows no good. And I don't really mind not fitting into any of the jeans at my local Levi's store (not least because high-waisted jeans are hell to squeeze into and low-waisted ones are practically indecent), given that I managed to get the above pair of sneakers out of the shop instead.
In all truth, colour-fades are things I like. However, I don't trust myself well enough with dye to attempt anything at home just yet (can't be sure it'll turn out as well as it did on Susie, Jennine and Selina), so the shoes are a chicken's way of working a trend I really like into the things I actually wear. Levi's makes fug clothes (giant slogans/logos all over the girls' t-shirts, and heaven help us, diamante on the jeans), but this particular pair of sneakers is actually rather cute- they're a brighter blue than they look in the pictures, and as an added bonus, they make my BigFeet look smaller than usual. And if I were absolutely honest, half the kick of owning these comes from finding that I can fit into (UK) size 6 shoes- which is a big kick indeed if you have spent any part of your teens cursing being a 6 and a 1/2 and wishing that your feet would stop growing.
But, yes. Back to the shoes. My thoughts right now don't go too far beyond "Two-tone sneakers! Me likey!" and gloating that I got the only pair in the shop. And if Levi's or anyone ever make those sneakers in a different colour combination, I'll certainly be interested. The last two-tone item I owned was the Parker fountain pen I wrote my final exams with in school- lovely thing too, crimson in the middle fading to black at the cap and end- so a few more would be welcome.
Normal posting, with better grammar, will resume tomorrow.


susie_bubble said...

Can't really see the two tone colours but if they are as you describe then they are AWE-SOME!

IT IS WHAT IT IS said...


enc said...

Sweet! On my screen, they look dark pine green to light teal/turquoise. Nice!

Suzanna Mars said...

Well, I wear a UK 8, and I was going to comment on how these would be an atrocity on my own feet, so large and uneconomically designed by nature are they. Let this be a lesson to me to try things on my feet before rejecting!

Love the color of these.


Very cute, I actually like the turquoisey shade. I don't know what my UK size is, but my feet are TINY. Like ridiculously tiny.

Anyway, I've tagged you . Do refer to differently titled new blog for details. Can't wait to see what interesting things you will say :)

headmistress said...

aaaah! I saw these this weekend in TK Maxx! though the pair I saw were bluey-purple. They were just my size too, a cosy 4 (unlike your growing feet problem - mine have been consistently shrinking for the past few years, from 5.5- 6, to 4-4.5. Means none of my old shoes fit!

though in the end I opted for a pair of kick-ass, mistressy pair of towering black brogues. yummm.

Anonymous said...

ugh jean shopping is hell. I feel you baby. But awesome kicks!

riz said...

grrrrr, i wish wish wish i could look effortlessly chic and cool in sneakers. My bf really wants me to swap in my flats for them, but alas, i just can't figure out how to style them.

and shelby - I HATE JEAN SHOPPING!

ambika said...

I was so tempted to risk getting dye all over my kitchen after seeing what Susie and Selina accomplished but I'm really having a lack of courage. My boyfriend would kill me if we ended up with purple splattered floors.

Fashion Tidbits said...

like your shoes!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Again, sorry for the delay in getting back on the comments..
Susie: it's my own crap photography skills that make 'em look that way..
It is what it is: Thank you!
ENC: That's more or less the colours they are..
Suzanna: I think the key to the smallfootness (?) of these might be the fact that they're shorter than most sneakers I've seen, especially those of the Converse variety. I'm sure they'd look great on you too!
Masala Chai: I used to wish I had small feet..especially when we used to go shoe shopping and get told 'ladies' shoes not in that size, madam.' And the feet weren't even THAT huge!
Headmistress: Your new shoes sound delectable indeed! I got a pair of low-heeled cream leather brogues in December, and I'm madly in love with those...
Shelby: I know, it's enough to make one want to cry. But thanks for liking the shoes!
Riz: I wear my sneakers with literally EVERYTHING- dresses, skirts (of any length), jeans- nothing's been spared. And I'm with you and Shelby on hating jeans shopping...painful, it is.
Ambika: I was tempted too, but ultimately I'm just chicken. Ah, well, let's see..
Fashion tibits: Thank you!

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