Bad Taste? Yum!

"There's value in bad taste, too. This is Comme des Garçons bad taste."*
If this is bad taste, it's the kind we all want to indulge in every so often, the kind that puts a silly grin on my face (Stephie at Fashion Nation suggested cosplay references, and I think she's spot-on)- there's a certain really happy, shambolic quality to the whole collection, and the styling reminds me a lot of little kids playing dress-up- random plaits, velvet/fur hats with fishnet (??) veils, and frilly garters and seams do make for kookiness, but despite the abundance of lip and heart motifs and tulle prettiness, nothing about it is overly coy or twee. In fact, if anything, those things are more like clothes to roleplay being sweet and girlish in, than clothes to actually be sweet and girlish in (sorry, I make no sense, though IMO they're two different things)- but really, there's nothing awful about Comme des Garçons bad taste at all..
Now all this cosplay talk is making me think of Fruits Basket's Ayame, daft steamroller of wackiness and cosplay shop owner. I think I'll go re-watch episode 20, I want a laugh (methinks Aya's funnier when you hear him talk..though manga Ayame is brilliant too, and you get to see more of him there).
*Rei Kawakubo, as told to Sarah Mower of Style.com
Images from Style.com and fruitsbasket.com


enc said...

I like your description of it as "kids playing dress-up;" I couldn't think of what words I wanted to use to describe it, but those are they. I like it when people design clothes that aren't really "clothes" in the practical sense—I appreciate fashion as Art, and that's what this feels like to me. Then again, I know people will wear it in all seriousness and functionality.

WendyB said...

I want #2!

the iron chic said...

Whew. I had to look at those pics a few times.
It's like the clothes were deliberately messed up.
Like the red jacket- the hearts are angrily embroidered on.
Still not sure how I feel about it....

susie_bubble said...

Although the collection had 'bad taste' as inspiration, as a rule of thumb, CdG garments do make most ppl scratch their heads a bit... that's why I love them and especially this collection...

Stephanie said...

I really love Comme des Garcons, and I think it's exactly because they do have that "playing dress up" feel to their clothes. And I felt the cosplay-vibe too..

atelier said...

I don't like them, sometimes I like a garment, but not how they mix and match clothes, it's kind of "dress up".

riz said...

This collection is exactly as SB says, and very provocative. I know this well get people talking. To be honest, I was horrified when i first saw the images, but then i realized I that was the expected response.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

ENC: I know it was described as 'random', but there's something about CDG that leaves me feeling like it's really perfectly normal. It's hard to explain at times, really..
Wendy: I wouldn't mind it myself, red+hearts on coat= happy me!
The Iron Chic: It does look a bit messed up, but 'angrily' is an apt description for the way the stitches look on that coat- it reminds me of how I used to pull stitches too tight in needlework class when I was eleven..
Susie: I know it took its inspiration from 'bad taste', but it's such a vibrant kind of bad taste I can't help but love it.
Stephanie: I think it does keep the fun in fashion- which is what I adore about the label.
Atelier: But that's exactly what I love about them! CDG might not be the same without that spirit..
Riz: I definitely wanted a closer look at some of the pieces, the cutout coats and jackets in particular. It's going to stir the pot all right, and I look forward to that.

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